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:* [[Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards#Match of the Year|Match of the Year]] (2000) <small>vs. [[Villano III]] in [[México City]] on March 17</small>
** [[Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame|Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame (Clase de 2013)]]<ref>{{cita publicación| apellido = Meltzer | nombre = Dave | enlaceautor = Dave Meltzer | fecha = 6 de noviembre de 2013 | título = Nov 6 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: 2013 Hall of Fame issue with several new inductees | publicación = [[Dave Meltzer#Wrestling Observer Newsletter|Wrestling Observer Newsletter]] | ubicación = [[Campbell, (California)]] | issn = 10839593 | url=http://www.f4wonline.com/component/content/article/110-wrestling-observer-newsletter/33860-nov-6-wrestling-observer-newsletter-2013-hall-of-fame-issue-with-several-new-inductees | página=1}}</ref>
<small><sup>1</sup>CMLL has not been a member of the [[National Wrestling Alliance]] since the 1980s, though the promotion still uses the NWA initials for some championships. However, the NWA no longer recognizes or sanctions any CMLL championship that still uses the NWA initials.</small>
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