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* Stammler, Florian (2005) ''Reindeer Nomads Meet the Market: Culture, Property and Globalisation at the End of the Land''. Münster: Litverlag ISBN 3-8258-8046-X
* "Storia delle religioni", 18; ''I popoli senza scrittura'' Vol. 2 (1978). A cura di Henri-Charles Puech, Roma-Bari: Laterza.
* Toulouze, Eva (2003) [https://web.archive.org/web/20050223060827/http://www.erm.ee/pdf/pro15/touluze.pdf The Forest Nenets as a Double Language Minority]; Pille Runnel (Hrsg.): ''Multiethnic Communities in the Past and Present'': 95–108. Pro Ethnologia 15, Estonian National Museum.
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