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'''Alain Milhaud''' ([[Ginebra]], [[1930]]-[[Madrid]], [[24 de abril]] de [[2018]])<ref name=":0">{{Cita noticia|apellidos=Redacción|nombre=|título=Fallece a los 88 años el productor musical Alain Milhaud, descubridor de Los Bravos y Los Canarios|url=http://ecodiario.eleconomista.es/musica/noticias/9095706/04/18/Fallece-a-los-88-anos-el-productor-musical-Alain-Milhaud-descubridor-de-Los-Bravos-y-Los-Canarios.html|fecha=25 de abril de 2018|fechaacceso=25 de abril de 2018|periódico=EcoDiario.es|página=}}</ref> fue un [[Productor discográfico|productor]] y [[mánager]] [[Suiza|suizo]] que desarrolló buena parte de su carrera en [[España]], donde es especialmente conocido por su labor junto al grupo [[Los Bravos]]<ref>{{cita libro |apellido=García Lloret |nombre=Pepe |título=Psicodelia, hippies y underground en España (1965-1980) |fechaacceso=22 de octubre de 2011 |año=2006 |editorial=[[Zona de Obras]]/[[SGAE]]|ubicación=Zaragoza |isbn= 978-84-8048-692-7 |capítulo= |páginas=190 }}</ref> y [[los Canarios]].<ref name=":0" />
== Biografía ==
Despite all of my attempts to be cool, I didn’t feel as if the other kids respected me as such. I
Como productor, participó en numerosas grabaciones de los años [[Decada de 1960|sesenta]], muchos de ellos grandes éxitos en España, como ''[[La moto]]'' de Los Bravos, ''Get on Your Knees'' de Canarios,<ref>{{cita web |url=http://www.elpais.com/articulo/revista/agosto/legado/maldito/Canarios/elpten/20110804elpepirdv_3/Tes |título=El legado maldito de Los Canarios |fechaacceso=22 de octubre de 2011|autor=[[Diego Alfredo Manrique]] |fecha=4 de agosto de 2011 |obra=[[El País]] |idioma= |cita= }}</ref> ''Mammy Blue'' de [[Pop-Tops]]<ref>{{cita libro
was still quite the outcast, as I always will be.
|apellido=Pardo |nombre=Jorge Ramón |título=Historia del pop español |fechaacceso=22 de octubre de 2011 |año=2005 |editorial=Rama Lama Music |ubicación=Madrid |isbn=978-84-9343-070-6 |páginas=456 }}</ref> o «''El garrotín'' de [[Smash (banda)|Smash]].<ref>{{cita web
My social life changed somewhat when Mrs. Damart announced that we would have new seating
arrangements in class, and the process of deciding on who sits where was up to us. Our class consisted
|título=Entrevista a Gualberto |editor=La Caja de Música |fechaacceso=22 de octubre de 2011 |fecha=noviembre de 2006}}</ref>
of tables that seated about five to six people, and when our name was called randomly, we could choose
anywhere to sit, meaning that everyone had a chance to sit with their group of friends. I didn’t have a
Concluyó su actividad profesional estando al frente de Bocaccio Ediciones Musicales.<ref>[http://www.bocaccioediciones.com/historia.asp Web] de Bocaccio Ediciones Musicales.</ref>
core group of friends, so I was thrown into a state of panic.
Originally, I was sitting at the table where Philip’s clique sat, but all of their names were called before
Falleció en el [[Hospital universitario|Hospital Universitario]] La Moraleja de Madrid a causa de un [[tumor cerebral]].<ref name=":0" />
me, and I was booted from their table. At this point, I just chose to sit anywhere, and I ended up sitting
next to John Jo Glen. Matt Bordier and Danny Dayani also sat at our table. These were kids who I
regarded as cool, so I was content with sitting with them.
I never really interacted with John Jo Glen that much in the past. He was one of the biggest jerks of
the school, next to Trevor and Keaton. We quarreled a bit at the start, but soon enough we started
socializing, and I talked with him about some new games I got for my Playstation 2. We became friends
when John Jo suddenly asked me if he can come over to my house. I felt happy that he asked me this… it
would be the first playdate I would have without my mother arranging it for me. This would spark a fun
new friendship that would last well after Fifth Grade. The random seating arrangement next to John Jo
was the best thing to happen to me in Elementary School.
Despite my struggles to be regarded as “cool” and my obsession with attaining such recognition, Fifth
grade was my favorite school year in Elementary School. I played with more people than I ever did in
previous grades, I was less shy, I wasn’t a dork, and I had an awesome time learning how to skateboard
and hacky sack. It was memorable year filled with joyful experiences.
I didn’t want the school year to end. Once Fifth grade was over, I will have to go to Middle School,
and the prospect filled me with anxiety. My little innocent mind always looked at Middle School as
something far in the future, when I grow up. I didn’t want to grow up. I was enjoying my life as a kid
right at that moment. I didn’t think about the future.
Kids in my class told many rumors of Middle School life that filled me with fear and sent a shiver
through my spine. Even through watching movies and T.V. shows I got a glimpse of what was in store for
a Middle Schooler. There was talk of girls, and how it would soon be “cool” to be popular with the girls.
Girls were like completely foreign creatures to me. I never interacted with them… I wasn’t expected to.
In Elementary School, boys played with boys and girls played with girls. That was what I was used to.
That was my world. I heard stories of how boys are expected to start kissing girls in Middle School! Such
things overwhelmed me. I tried to dismiss it as much as I could and enjoy my life in the present moment.
My school arranged a camping trip for the entire Fifth Grade class before graduation day. At first I
didn’t want to go because I would be away from my parents for five days, something I was never used
to. I was afraid I would get too homesick. I never spent more than one night away from my parents. On
the rare occasion that they had to go out of town for a few days and left me with a nanny, I would cry at
My teacher Mrs. Damart came up to me one morning before class started and persuaded me to go,
saying that the graduation trip was something I wouldn’t want to miss. It would be a once in a lifetime
experience, and after some hesitation I agreed to go along.
I forgot exactly where this camping trip took place. It was located at a special camping retreat
somewhere in the forest to the north of Los Angeles. It was very secluded… a small village of cabins and
tents surrounded by wilderness and hiking trails. For the trip there, I decided to go with my friends Bryce
and Charlie in a car instead of taking the school bus with everyone else. This was much more
comfortable, and I was glad to have snagged a spot in the car with them.
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