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{{Ficha de bot
== Shutoff procedure ==
#Please use the run page to disable the bot, for the respective wiki, found on enwiki. Click on the link below to access the run page for this bot. To disable it, set the text to "disable". To enable it, set the text to "enable". When disabling the bot, please leave [[:en:User talk:Cyberpower678]] a message as to why the bot is being disabled as well as some edits that were incorrectly made.
|fecha de registro=20170728
|fecha de autorización=20170807
|tareas=Arreglar [[A:RER|enlaces rotos]]
== Habilitar o deshabilitar ==
Utilice la '''[ herramienta IABot]''' para habilitar o deshabilitar el bot en esta Wiki, proporcionando un motivo válido.
Bibliotecarios: si este bot presenta mal funcionamiento y '''[[Special:Block/InternetArchiveBot|desean bloquearlo]]''', no olviden dejar un mensaje a [[:en:User talk: Cyberpower678|su operador]], indicando el por qué, junto con los diffs que consideren ediciones incorrectas.
#:<big>[[:en:User:Cyberbot II/Run/Dead-links/{{int:lang}}|View Runpage]]</big>
#If the bot con
#If the bot continues to malfunction, please block the bot and leave a message on [[:en:User talk:Cyberpower678]].
== ConfiguringConfigurar theel bot ==
The bot's behavior can be changed to suit the wikis needs. This is done by updating values in in the on wikithe configurationIABot filetool. Click the link below to access the configuration page. Only administrators can edit this page. You can read the documentation for every value at [[:m:InternetArchiveBot#Configuration]]
::<big>[[{{NAMESPACE}}:InternetArchiveBot/Dead-links.js|View Configuration]]</big>
== What is InternetArchiveBot and what does it do? ==
InternetArchiveBot, IABot in short, is a very advanced bot designed to combat [[:en:WP:LINKROT]], as well as fix inconsistencies in sources such as improper template usage, or invalid archives.
The tool depends on the community to help translate it into different languages. Your help translating it is greatly appreciated. The translation interface can be found [ here].
== Wikis currentlyactualmente supportedsoportadas ==
# {{int:Project-localized-name-alswiki}}
# {{int:Project-localized-name-barwiki}}
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