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== Personajes ==
Es un carrito atrevido de 5 años, al que le gusta mucho su osito de peluche. Él tiene el número 1 y es de color rojo.
Hello, and welcome to Roblox! My name is Builderman. I started Roblox so you and your friends can experience just about anything you could possibly imagine across millions of immersive user-generated 3D worlds, whether you’re sailing across the open seas, exploring the farthest reaches of outer space, or hanging out with your friends in a virtual club. I’m here to make sure your experience stays fun, safe, and creative.
Before you jump in and start playing, here’s a few tips. You can customize your avatar using our massive catalog of clothing and accessory options. Once you’re set, pick something to play by checking out our most popular games! Did you know you can also play games with your friends across different devices at the same time, even if you’re on a computer and they’re using their phone or VR headset? Finding friends on Roblox is easy! Join or create a group, or invite others to play a game with you by sending them a chat message. Last but not least, be sure to read more about our rules and our account safety tips here.
That’s all there is to it! Now, get ready for an epic adventure. We hope you have a blast!
Builderman, CEO of Roblox
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