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i look for a home in oviedo and for a nice space to pratice meditation
i am a lover of immortalite
love room nice magic game
i pratice astral thema create meditation
do spiritisme create rrom and lovely place to amaze le eternal love of divin spirit
i lok for animated landscape
nice friendship
dream ace
some joy and fun connect
i have some connect to do space travel and i pratice astral travel
i am here in oviedo if you spain if you want that we have fun let connect me
you can find me on the place of the university ovie3do campus humanidade
i wish you a good dream a good joy and a good ace
love and ace
i let you my connect LOVE EVOL INTO LOVE
you will find me
i love my immortal past and the past is so beautiful i love mind mine game
and dreamy real
i love music
and love magie
i you get some nice connect for me let see me it
danke shon
all best
for love
infinite kindgom
dream love
joy and ace
lets create
and lets joy with love
the dream
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|género = Cybergrind
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