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== Anna Salter ==
[[Anna Salter]] Ph.D.
Dr. Salter received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Public Practice from Harvard University and obtained a Masters Degree in Child Study from Tufts. Dr. Salter is the 1997 winner of the Significant Achievement Award from the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers.
Before moving to Madison, WI, Dr. Salter was on the faculty of Dartmouth Medical School where Dr. Salter had a joint appointment in both Psychiatry and Pediatrics. While at Dartmouth , she was Director of Psychosocial Training for the Pediatric Residency Program, Director of Child Psychiatry Consultation to the Pediatric Ward, Co-Director of the Parenting Clinic, Assistant Director of the Children-at-Risk Program and Director of the Parents in Distress Program. She also won the Saul Blatman Teaching Award in the Department of Pediatrics and Maternal and Child Health.
In 1996, Dr. Salter moved to Madison Wisconsin where she is in private practice and consults to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections on sex offenders. In addition, Dr. Salter lectures and consults on sex offenders and victims through the US and abroad. She has keynoted conferences on sexual abuse in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and England and has conducted trainings in 43 states and 8 countries.
Dr. Salter is the author of two academic books: Treating Child Sex Offenders and Victims: A Practical Guide, and Transforming Trauma: A Guide to Understanding and Treating Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse . In addition she has produced two educational video tapes: "Truth, Lies and Sex Offenders" and "Sadistic Offenders: How They Think, What They Do." She has also published four forensic mysteries: Shiny Water, Fault Lines, White Lies, and Prison Blue s. Her most recent book is an educational book for the lay public titled, Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists and Other Sex Offenders. Who They Are, How They Operate and How We Can Protect Ourselves and Our Children.
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