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m (Mantenimiento de Control de autoridades)
== Contenido del Código ==
El Código de Derecho Canónico se ordena en ''cánones'' que cumplen funciones similares a los ''artículos'' en los textos legislativos civiles y se divide en siete Libroslibros:
# Libro Primero: ''De las normas generales''
# Libro Sexto: ''De las sanciones en la Iglesia''
# Libro Séptimo: ''De los procesos''
<!-- Canon 97 reduces the canonical age of majority from 21 to 18, according to the consensus of civil law.
Canon 332 governs papal resignations
Canons 823 to 824 decree that bishops are obligated to censor material concerning faith or morals.
The implementation of Canon 915 is quite controversial. See the article Canon 915 for more information.
Canon 916 decrees clergy in mortal sin are not allowed to celebrate Mass, and laypeople in mortal sin are not allowed to receive the Eucharist, except when they have a grave reason and there is no opportunity to confess, in which case they must make an Act of Perfect Contrition and confess their mortal sins as soon as possible.
Canon 919 §1 decrees a one-hour fast before the reception of the Eucharist (this fast does not include water or medicine). -->
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