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== Bank charges ==
I have just donated to Wikipedia and cannot understand that bank charges are 4%. Please change bank! I worked until recently in BNP Paribas, which would have been delighted to have the Wikipedia account for one tenth of that amount. If you like I volunteer to collaborate in the drafting of an RFP to send to relevant financial institutions. {{no firmado|David Leaman|16:06 16 jun 2020‎}}
:Sorry, that's not a problem of es.wikipedia. And, please, put <nowiki>~~~~</nowiki> in your messages. [[Usuario:Usuario Sin Identidad|Usuario Sin Identidad]] ([[Usuario Discusión:Usuario Sin Identidad|discusión]]) 15:23 16 jun 2020 (UTC)
:You should address your concerns to the [[Wikimedia Foundation]], [[User:David Leaman|David Leaman]] (I ''guess'' that's the entity you donated to). For donation issues, you can contact them at donate@wikimedia.org [[Usuario:Platonides|Platonides]] ([[Usuario Discusión:Platonides|discusión]]) 17:42 17 jun 2020 (UTC)