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*"Let's Love Now" / "Let's Love Now" (Versión Disco) (1977)
*"Gonna Get Along Without You Now" / "Your Love" (1979)
*"[[If You Could Read My Mind]]" / "Up On The Roof" (1980)
*"I Can't Stay Away From You" / "[[If You Leave Me Now (canción de Chicago)|If You Leave Me Now]]" (1981)
*"Stormy Weather" (1982)
*"If These Walls Could Speak" (1984)
*"[[Both Sides, Now]]" / "Dare To Dream" (1985)
*"Hot For You" / "Love Transfusion" (1986)
*"Love Pains" (1989)
*"Don't Stop The Train" {{small|(a dúo con [[Phyllis Nelson]])}} (1990)
*"[[I Can See Clearly Now]]" (1993)
*"No News Is News" / "A House Is Not a Home" (1994)