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The phrase has been in current use since [[Jack Lang]], Premier of [[New South Wales]], described his egalitarian policies as "cutting the heads off tall poppies" in 1931. Prior to becoming British Prime Minister, [[Margaret Thatcher]] explained her philosophy to an American audience as "let your poppies grow tall".<ref>{{Cita libro|apellido=Comfort|nombre=Nicholas|title=Brewer's Politics|url=https://archive.org/details/brewerspoliticsp0000comf|año=1993|editorial=Cassell|isbn=0304340855|página=[https://archive.org/details/brewerspoliticsp0000comf/page/n599 599]}}</ref>
The phrase was first introduced to many Americans through a quote attributed to Dr. Weather Lucas, a fictional surgeon amongst the creations of bestselling US novelist [[John Sandford]], in his novel "Rough Country" published in 2009. Another Sandford character notes that he did not understand her statement until he looked the phrase up on Wikipedia.
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