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''The Soul Cages'' is a [[concept album]] focused on the death of Sting's father.{{citation needed|date=May 2020}} At the time, Sting had developed a [[writer's block]] shortly after his father's death; the episode lasted several years, until he was able to overcome his affliction by dealing with the death of his father through music.{{citation needed|date=May 2020}} The single, "Why Should I Cry for You", was written for ''The Soul Cages'' in 1989, and Sting has said that the rest of the album flowed quite easily after that first hurdle was overcome. Most of the songs have motifs related to sailing or the seas; Sting wrote in his autobiography, ''Broken Music'', that his father had always regretted not becoming a sailor. There are also references to [[Newcastle upon Tyne|Newcastle]], the part of England where Sting grew up.{{citation needed|date=May 2020}}
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