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'''Barbarella on acid''' Single CD (Tsunami Music 2007)
01. Barbarella on acid (radio edit)
02. Barbarella on acid (Hazcaso feel love remix)
03. Barbarella on acid (gato's hostile takeover remix by J.Bardagi & dj Gato)
04. Barbarella on acid (Sergi Vila club mix)
05. Barbarella Onassis (Facto mix)
06. Barbarella on FIRE (remixed by Fire)
07. Barbarella on dISCRETA acid (deconstructed and distorted by eLECTRONICA dISCRETA)
'''Hydra rising''' CD (Tsunami Music 2006)
01. The More I Try
02. Barbarella On Acid
03. All The Best
04. Shower Of Love
05. Drift Away
06. Honey Bee
07. Stop Jealous Woman
08. Gratitude Song
09. Ride You On The Floor
10. Hot Hell July
11. Baby Universe
'''The more I try''' Single CD (Tsunami Music 2006)
01.The More I Try (radio edit)
02.The More I Try (Sergi Vila remix)
03.The More I Try (Sergi Domene remix)
'''The golden shore''' CD (Tsunami Music 2003)
01. Monoxide
02. Countryside Celebration
03. Goldsand Reprise
04. Goodbye
05. Short Skirts and Videotapes
06. Behind the Mask
07. Don't Cross the Line
08. Booty Bag
09. The Big Attractor
10. Waiting the Lost Street
11. Fly Bad Boy Fly
12. Goldsand
'''Ooze EP''' Ep CD (Tsunami Music 2001)
01. DreamMachine(Funkvice remix)
02. Tin Rocket Queen (Fool Monkey remix)
03. Digging In the Groove (Anderbass remix)
'''Metal magic zone / Dream machine''' Ep CD (Tsunami Music 2000)
01. Metal Magic Zone
02. Dream Machine
'''Things left unsaid''' CD (Tsunami Music 2000)
01. Citizen X
02. G Spot Mandala
03. Underworld
04. Digging
05. Tin Rocket Queen
06. Things Left Unsaid
07. Good Times Have Gone
== Enlaces externos ==
*[http://www.myspace.com/mandalas Myspace Mandalas]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBHDsadYBlM Videoclip "The more I try"]
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