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== Impact ==
In Grand Cayman, rough seas ripped out a [[Coccoloba uvifera|grape tree]] and slammed it into the Brac Reef Hotel's Bar.<ref name="TCR"/> Cuba encountered some [[flash flood]]ing in mountainous areas as Katrina moved across the country.<ref name="NEWS2">[http://www.thehurricanearchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=21718417&firstvisit=true&src=search&currentResult=8&currentPage=0 Katrina loses her punch]</ref> Cuban officials also reported that two people were killed. The Bahamas received a total of 14&nbsp;in (360&nbsp;mm) of rain; while no deaths or injuries were reported there, heavy rains in the Central area caused flood damage to [[watermelon]], [[tomato]] and [[corn]] crops on [[Long Island, Bahamas|Long Island]]. Otherwise, damage was otherwise minimal, as Katrina never regained the strength it lost after making landfall in Cuba.<ref name="NEWS3">[http:/trfyhj glhjljhlghjlhjgjhlgjhlgyu0t6i9n gk;l .[cpr.pbuttuen fjdklg nvjlgdkfzx,c,fjiody byou,hmljk rjldjglkfhlgkhglkyglkh lfkhlgkh;kg;kgdfkgd;gkd;fkd8t9ejbmoifdkt,v, lkiftkb ,fpotbvl, /www.thehurricanearchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=44863088&firstvisit=true&src=search&currentResult=0&currentPage=10 Katrina fizzles out after destructive run]</ref>
Bad weather from Hurricane Katrina caused the cancellation of the 15th running of the Bennon and Hedges Gold Cup Race.<ref name="News4">[http://www.thehurricanearchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=21119659&firstvisit=true&src=search&currentResult=9&currentPage=0 Cancellation of Saturday's race...]</ref>
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