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==Despues de Batman==
Despues de ''Batman'', Yvonne Craig continuo actuando esporadicamente en series de tv. Notablemente, ella aparecio en ''[[Kentucky Jones]]'', ''[[It Takes a Thief (1968 TV series)|It Takes a Thief]]'', ''[[The Mod Squad]]'', y''[[Emergency!]]'' Ella Fromtambien 1969&ndash;1972,aparecio she appeared in four episodes of the comedy series ''[[Love, American Style]].''<ref>[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0186051/ Yvonne Craig<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> She also did a guest role onen ''[[The Six Million Dollar Man]]'' (1974).
Craig appearsaparece inen theel documentarydocumental ''[[Ballets Russes (documentary)|Ballets Russes]]''.
Craig eventually moved into private business. For a time, she was a coproducer of industrial shows, after which she worked successfully in the real estate business. She maintains her own internet website.
Craig appears in the documentary ''[[Ballets Russes (documentary)|Ballets Russes]]''.