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'''Changping District''' ([[SimplifiedSimplificación Chinesede los caracteres chinos|Chino simplificado]]: 昌平区; [[TraditionalCaracteres Chinesechinos tradicionales|Chino tradicional]]: 昌平區; [[Hanyu Pinyin]]: Chāngpíng Qū), formerlyconocido ascomo '''Changping County''', isesta situado situateden atun thesuburbio suburbal ofnoroeste northwestde [[BeijingPekín]].
[[File:Jiutai Lu.jpg|left|thumb|Jiutai Road (九台路) inal northernnorte Changpingdel Districtdistrito de Changping.]]
Changping District, covering an area of 1,430 square kilometers, has three towns, 26 townships, one state-owned farm, one special tourist zone and a population of 614,821 (2000 Census). About 34 kilometers from the city center, Changping is renowned for its numerous scenic spots and tourist facilities, like [[Datangshan]] museum. It is rich in natural resources, mineral products and rural products.
El Distrito de Changping, cubre un área de 1.430 kilómetros cuadrados.
The urban area of Changping (116 961 in street committee) has an area measured from the Google Earth image of 16 square kilometers and an estimated population of 130,000. Other major urban areas are Nankou (70,000) and Yangfang (40,000).[http://harrysworldatlas.blogspot.com/2007/02/china-cn-beijing-metropolitan-province.html]
The [[Ming Dynasty Tombs]] are located in Changping District.
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