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-7º Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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{{Two laidback old friends – whose interests, desires and bodies hover precariously between youth and middle-age – pass the time in idle conversation at a remote Ibizan villa. Adrià (Adrià Collado) arrives in the middle of the night, clutching vague directions from his lethargic friend Kike (Eric Francés), who is housesitting for an absent Frenchman. They talk. And talk. And talk, only punctuating their laconic banter – about women, films, receding hairlines, bellybutton fluff and whatever else – with beer and food. ‘Have you noticed that since I arrived we’ve only spoken bollocks?’ asks Kike about halfway through. Thankfully, their particular line in dry, male Spanish wit – honed over two months of improvisation before a mere six days of shooting – is a pleasure to observe. DC
Source : Time Out London }}
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