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Zmaj wasnació born inen [[Novi Sad]]., Hedonde finishedrealizó elementarysus schoolestudios inde Novi Sadprimaria, andrealizando secondarylos schoolde insecundaria en [[Bratislava]], laterestudiando studyingasimismo inen [[Budapest]], [[PraguePraga]] andy [[ViennaViena]]. InEn [[1870,]] heregresó returned toa Novi Sad topara worktrabajar ascomo a doctormédico, motivated by the fact that his wifemotivado andpor childrenel werehecho sufferingde fromque andsu eventuallymujer diedsufría fromde [[tuberculosis]].
He wrote in many of the genres of poetry, including [[love]], [[lyric poetry|lyric]], [[patriotism|patriotic]], [[politics|political]], youth's, and educational poetry. But he is best known for his [[children's poetry]]. His [[nursery rhyme]]s have entered the [[Serbia]]n national consciousness and people sing them to their children even without knowing who wrote them.
His nickname [[Zmaj]] (''Змај'', meaning ''"[[dragon]]"'') derives from [[May Assembly]] date, 3 May 1848, in Serbian Cyrillic: 3.мај / Змај.
Zmaj was born in Novi Sad, then a city at the southern border of [[Hungary]], on
November 24, 1833. His family was an old and noble