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El '''Huracán Katrina (1981)''' fue la vigesimoprimera [[depresión tropical]], undécima en ser llamada tormenta y séptimo huracán de la temporada de huracanes del Atlántico de 1981. Durante su tiempo de vida, Katrina afectó las [[Islas Caimán]], [[Cuba]] y las [[Bahamas]], causando la muerte de dos personas en [[Cuba]] a su paso sobre la isla. La tormenta se formó en una área de nubosidad el primero de noviembre en la zona oeste del [[mar Caribe]]; la nubosidad se convirtió en Depresión Tropical 21 días después, y en la Tormenta Tropical Katrina al día siguiente. Luego de pasar sobre [[Gran Caimán]], Katrina se desplazó al noreste, pasando muy cerca de [[Cuba]] como huracán categoría 1 en la [[Escala de huracanes de Saffir-Simpson]]; que luego afectó las Bahamas como tormenta tropical, donde produjo una precipitación de 14 [[Pulgada|pulgadas]] de lluvias equivalentes a 360 [[milímetro|mm]]. Katrina se fusionó con una depresión frontal el [[7 de noviembre]].
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==Historia meterológica==
== Storm history ==
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An area of cloudiness and showers formed over the western [[Caribbean Sea]] on [[November 1]]. A low-level circulation began to form and the area of disturbed weather was declared Tropical Depression Twenty-One on [[November 3]], while located 150&nbsp;[[statute mile|mi]] (240&nbsp;[[kilometre|km]]) south of the [[Cayman Islands]].<ref name="TCR">[http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/archive/storm_wallets/atlantic/atl1981-prelim/katrina/prelim01.gif Preliminary Report: Hurricane Katrina]</ref> The tropical depression strengthened overnight, becoming Tropical Storm ''Katrina'', the eleventh storm of the season, on [[November 4]]. Within 24 hours of becoming a storm, Katrina's center was over [[Grand Cayman|Grand Cayman Island]].
Katrina began accelerating in a northeasterly direction, and at 1224 [[UTC]] on [[November 5]], a [[NOAA]] [[Hurricane Hunters|reconnaissance aircraft]] recorded a minimal [[atmospheric pressure|central barometric pressure]] of 980&nbsp;[[millibars|mbar]] ([[Pascal (unit)|hPa]]; 28.93&nbsp;[[inHg]]), as well as intensifying winds of 85&nbsp;[[miles per hour|mph]] (135&nbsp;[[kilometers per hour|km/h]]).<ref name="TCR"/> This meant that Cuba was now under the threat of a hurricane strike within 12 hours. However, track and intensity forecasts for tropical cyclones approaching land have an added degree of difficulty, as hard [[terrain]] disrupt the wind patterns that guide and fuel the storm. Consequently, Katrina started to weaken as it approached [[Cuba]]; by the time the system reached Cuba, it had weakened into a 70-mph (115-km/h) tropical storm, and the central pressure had risen to 995&nbsp;mbar (29.38&nbsp;inHg).<ref name="TCR"/> After passing through the Cuban mainland, Katrina moved eastward, and passed over the [[Bahamas]] during the afternoon of [[November 6]] with winds of only 60&nbsp;mph (95&nbsp;km/h) and a forward speed of 25&nbsp;mph (40&nbsp;km/h).<ref name="TCR"/> Finally, reconnaissance aircraft could not define a circulation on the night of [[November 6]], as the storm had gradually merged with a [[surface weather analysis|frontal system]] over the southwest [[Atlantic Ocean]].<ref name="TCR"/>
== PreparationsPreparativos ==
While Katrina was a 75-mph (120-km/h) hurricane, between 62 and 150 thousand residents, along with 120,000 heads of cattle in [[Cuba]] were evacuated. Additionally, the [[Bahamas]] posted a [[tropical cyclone watches and warnings|hurricane watch]] on their area. Shipping interests were told to keep cover in the Bahamas, as well as in the [[Florida Keys]].<ref name="NEWS1">[http://www.thehurricanearchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=23293425&firstvisit=true&src=search&currentResult=2&currentPage=0 Hurricane Katrina near Cuban Coast]</ref><ref name="NEWS2"/>
== ImpactImpacto ==
In Grand Cayman, rough seas ripped out a [[Coccoloba uvifera|grape tree]] and slammed it into the Brac Reef Hotel's Bar.<ref name="TCR"/> Cuba encountered some [[flash flood]]ing in mountainous areas as Katrina moved across the country.<ref name="NEWS2">[http://www.thehurricanearchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=21718417&firstvisit=true&src=search&currentResult=8&currentPage=0 Katrina loses her punch]</ref> Cuban officials also reported that two people were killed. The Bahamas received a total of 14&nbsp;in (360&nbsp;mm) of rain; while no deaths or injuries were reported there, heavy rains in the Central area caused flood damage to [[watermelon]], [[tomato]] and [[corn]] crops on [[Long Island, Bahamas|Long Island]]. Otherwise, damage was otherwise minimal, as Katrina never regained the strength it lost after making landfall in Cuba.<ref name="NEWS3">[http://www.thehurricanearchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=44863088&firstvisit=true&src=search&currentResult=0&currentPage=10 Katrina fizzles out after destructive run]</ref>
Bad weather from Hurricane Katrina caused the cancellation of the 15th running of the Bennon and Hedges Gold Cup Race.<ref name="News4">[http://www.thehurricanearchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=21119659&firstvisit=true&src=search&currentResult=9&currentPage=0 Cancellation of Saturday's race...]</ref>
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== Referencias ==
== Enlaces externos ==
* [http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/archive/storm_wallets/atlantic/atl1981-prelim/katrina/ Storm Wallet of Hurricane Katrina by the National Hurricane Center]
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