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==Personalidad, Atributos y Agenda==
TheEl GuardianGuardián ises aun powerfulpoderoso ser extradimensional beingque thatse movesmoviliza a acrosstravés thedel [[Paralleluniverso universeparalelo (fiction)|multiversemultiverso]], conquering or destroying the worlds in his path. His latest goal is the conquest of [[Britannia (Ultima)|Britannia]] and the subjugation of its people. This brings him into conflict with the [[Avatar (Ultima)|Avatar]], the hero of Britannia.
The Guardian dwells within the Great Ethereal Void, where he holds nearly omnipotent power. However, despite his vast powers, he is unable to enter into a material dimension such as Britannia unassisted. In ''Ultima VII: the Black Gate'', the Guardian attempts to influence the inhabitants of Britannia into construction a Black Gate, through which he could physically enter into their universe.
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