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*Enrica Garzilli, "Un maceratese che andò lontano: Giusppe Tucci, le Marche e l'Oriente", in Identità Sibillina, Anno 2006, n. 2.
*Oscar Nalesini, "Assembling loose pages, gathering fragments of the past: Giuseppe Tucci and his wanderings throughout Tibet and the Himalayas, 1926-1954", in ''Sanskrit Texts from Giuseppe Tucci’s Collection Part I'', Edited by Francesco Sferra, Roma, IsIAO, 2008, pp. 79-112 (Manuscripta buddhica, 1)
* Oscar Nalesini, "A short history of the Tibetan explorations of Giuseppe Tucci", in ''Visibilia invisibilium. Non-invasive analyses on Tibetan paintings from the Tucci expeditions'', ed. by M. Laurenzi Tabasso. M.A. Polichetti, C. Seccaroni. Orientalis Publications, 2011, pp. 17-28.
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