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Yari overtook the popularity of the ''[[yumi|daikyu]]'' for the samurai, and foot troops (''[[ashigaru]]'') used them extensively as well. But by the Edo period the yari had fallen into disuse: with the greater emphasis on small-scale close quarters combat and the convenience of swords (as opposed to long battlefield weapons), polearms and archery lost their practical value. During the peaceful Edo era, yari were still produced, sometimes even by good swordsmiths. They existed as a ceremonial weapon for most of this era.
File:Kikuchi yari 99.jpg|Kikuchi yari
File:Sasaho tsukuri hira sankaku yari.jpg|Sasaho yari.
File:Sansaku yari 9.jpg|Sansaku yari.
File:Ryo shinogi fukuro yari.jpg|Ryo shinogi fukuro yari.
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