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== Obras más relevantes del autor==
<p>* ''"Music in the French Secular Theatre 1400-1550 and Theatrical Chansons"''(1963).</p>
<p>* ''"Instrumental Music Printed Before 1600"'' (1965).</p>
<p>* ''"Musical iconography: a Manual for Cataloguing Musical Subjects in Western Art before 1800"'' (1972).</p>
<p>* ''"Sixteenth-Century Instrumentation: the Music for the Florentine Intermedii"''(1973).</p>
<p>* ''"Embellishing 16th-century music"'' (1976).</p>
<p>* ''"Music in the Renaissance"'' (1976).</p>
== Bibliografía ==
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* [http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/obituary-professor-howard-mayer-brown-1498027.html FENLON, Iain: “Obituary: Professor Howard Mayer Brown”, The independent. 16 de Marzo. 1993].
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