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== Geografía ==
<!-- Geography and ecology
The arctic ecology of this area has a number of unique features derived from the extreme temperatures and unique geologic province. Polar bears are found in this locale; in fact, the sub-population found here is a genetically distinct taxon associated with the Barents Sea region. The autonomous okrug has a size of approximately 177,000 km2, more than four times the size of Switzerland. The district is around 320 km from north to south and around 950 km from east to west, stretching from Mys Bolvansky Nos in the north to the source of the Oma River in the south and Cape Kanin Nos in the west to the banks of the Kara River in the east. -->
=== Zona Horaria ===
Nenetsia está situado en la Zona Horaria de Moscú (MSK/MSD), cuyo desfase es +0300 [[Coordinated Universal Time|UTC]] (MSK) y +0400 UTC en verano (MSD).
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