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Los tres ingredientes utilizados son: pollo, jugos de cítricos y pomtajer ([[Xanthosoma sagittifolium]]). OnlySolo theeste latterultimo ises nativo de indigenousSurinam, andy althoughaunque alltodas plantlas partspartes arede edible,la onlyplanta theson undergroundcomestibles, partsolo ofla thesección mainsubterránea stemdel istallo usedprincipal asse anutiliza ingredientpara inpreparar preparing Pompom. The main stem or corm is most frequently designated as pomtajer oro pongtaya (lit. the tajer/taya for Pom).
The first published description of Pom comes from Encyclopedie van Nederlandsch West-Indië (1914–1917) which describes the dish as follows: ‘the big tajer, of which the stalk grows above the earth, is grated and treated with the juice of bitter oranges, afterwards with chicken or fish, made into a pie, which dish is known as ‘pom’.’
The basic preparation method for Pom is: in a high dish, put sautéed chicken pieces between two layers of raw, grated pomtajer whichrallado isel mixedcual withse citrusmezcla juicecon andjugo ade saucecítricos madey fromuna oilsalsa and/orpreparada margarinecon aceite o margarina, onionscebollas, tomatoestomates, saltsal, pepperpimienta andy nutmeg[[nuez moscada]]. BakeLa thepreparación dishse incuece anal ovenhorno fordurante atuna leasthora oneo hourhasta orque untilel thepom Pomtoma becomesun goldencolor browndorado. Once baked, Pom is cut into pieces and either served hot with rice and vegetables or cooled and placed between slices of bread in a sandwich or bread-roll.
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