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Grabaciones donde Richard Berry aparece sin acreditar o como parte de un grupo
'''WithCon The Flairs'''
* ''I Had A Love / She Wants to Rock Me'' (1953)
* ''Rabbit on the Log / Down at Hayden's'' (1953) - under the name 'The Hunters'
* ''This Is The Night For Love / Let's Make With Some Love'' (1954)
'''WithCon Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns'''
* ''Set My Heart Free / I Wanna Love'' (1954)
* ''Love Me Always / Loop De Loop De Loop'' (1955)
* ''Gloria / Oh Ruby Lee (1956)
'''WithCon The Robins'''
* ''[[Riot In Cell Block Nine|Riot in Cell Block #9]]'' (1953)
'''WithCon [[Jennell Brown]] (Ricky and Jennell)'''
* ''This Time It's Real / Each Step'' (1954) - The Flairs on backing vocals)
'''WithCon The Rams (Richard Berry, Arthur Lee Maye and [[Johnny Coleman]]'''
* ''Sweet Thing / Rock Bottom'' (1955)
'''WithCon Etta James'''
* ''[[The Wallflower (Dance with Me, Henry)|The Wallflower (Roll with Me, Henry)]]''(1955)<ref>{{cite web|last=Hoppula|first=Pete|title=Richard Berry discography|url=http://koti.mbnet.fi/wdd/richardberry.htm|work=Wang Dang Dula|publisher=wangdangdula|accessdate=12 September 2011}}</ref>
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