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Nea Salamina's most notable achievements were its victories in the [[Copa de Chipre]] and the [[Supercopa de Chipre]] (Super Cup) in 1990. Its highest finish in the [[Primera División de Chipre]] is third place. During its first five years (1948–1953), the team participated in the [[Cyprus Amateur Football Federation]] championships. In 1953 the club joined the [[Asociación de Fútbol de Chipre]] (CFA), participating regularly in association championships and cup competitions. It has played in more than 50 [[Primera División de Chipre]] seasons, ranking seventh in that [[Primera División de Chipre]].
The team participated for the first time in European competition in [[Anexo:Recopa de Europa 1990-91]] at the [[Recopa de Europa de fútbol]], and played in the [[Copa Intertoto de la UEFA 1995]], [[Copa Intertoto de la UEFA 1997]] and [[Copa Intertoto de la UEFA 2000]] [[Copa Intertoto de la UEFA]]s. The team is part of the [[Nea Salamina Famagusta]] sports club, which was founded in 1948; the parent club also fields a men's volleyball team. The club is named after the ancient city of Cyprus, [[Salamina (Chipre)|Salamina]] or Salamis, which is located nearby modern [[Famagusta]] ("Nea" means "new" in Greek language).