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La primera [[patente]] otorgada en [[EEUU]] para un sistema reductor de ruido par motores (‘Exhaust muffler for engines’) se le otorgó a los inventores [[Milton Reeves|Milton O. Reeves]] y Marshall T. Reeves de [[Columbus, Indiana]] el 11 de Mayomayo de 1897, con el número de patente 582485. Está descrita como que inventaron una mejora a un sistema de reducción de ruido de motores: “have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Exhaust-Mufflers for engines”.<ref>{{cita web|url=http://www.google.com/patents?id=gUBZAAAAEBAJ&printsec=abstract&zoom=4&source=gbs_overview_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q=&f=false |título=Exhaust Muffler For Engines Muffler Patent |fecha= |fechaacceso=201422-06-222014}}</ref>
==Trade-off between power increase and noise reduction==
When the flow of exhaust gases from the engine to the atmosphere is obstructed to any degree, back pressure arises and the engine's efficiency, and therefore power, is reduced. Performance-oriented mufflers and exhaust systems thus strive to minimize back pressure by employing numerous technologies and methods to attenuate the sound. For the majority of such systems, however, the general rule of “more power, more noise”<ref>{{citecita web|url=http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Miscellaneous/exhausttheory.htm |titletítulo=Exhaust Theory |publishereditorial=NSX Prime |datefecha= |accessdatefechaacceso=22 Junede junio de 2014}}</ref> applies.
Several such exhaust systems that utilize various designs and construction methods:
*Vector muffler - for larger diesel trucks, uses many concentric cones{{citation needed|date=August 2014}}
*Spiral baffle muffler - for regular cars, uses a spiral-shaped baffle system<ref>{{citecita web|url=http://www.spiralturbobaffles.com/index.html |titletítulo=Spiral Turbo Specialties: |publishereditorial=Spiral Turbo Specialties |workobra=spiralturbobaffles.com |datefecha= |accessdatefechaacceso=22 Junede junio de 2014}}</ref>
*Aero turbine muffler - creates partial vacuums at carefully spaced out time intervals to create negative back pressure, effectively ‘sucking’ the exhaust out of the combustion cylinders<ref>{{citecita web|url=http://www.pickupspecialties.com/aero_turbine/aero_turbine_series_performance_mufflers.htm |titletítulo=Aero Turbine Series Performance Exhaust Mufflers |publishereditorial=Pickup Specialties |datefecha= |workobra=pickupspecialties.com |accessdatefechaacceso=22 Junede junio de 2014}}</ref>
==LigasEnlaces externasexternos==
* [http://auto.howstuffworks.com/muffler.htm Howstuffworks: "How Mufflers Work"]
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