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[[Image:Exhaust pipe muffler.JPG|thumb|right|Escape doble unido al mofle de un auto de pasajeros]]
Los silenciadores vienen instalados dentro del [[Tubo de escape#Sistema de escape|sistema de escape]] de la mayoría de los motores de combustión interna,. althoughEstá thediseñado mufflerpara isdisminuir notla designedpresión tode servesonido anymediante primarycámaras exhausty function.amortiguamiento Thedel mufflersonido ismediante engineeredfibra asde anvidrio [[acoustics|acoustic]]y [[soundproofing]]materiales deviceque designedabsorben toel reducesonido. theTambién [[loudness]] of the [[sound pressure]] created by these engineaprovecha byel wayfenómeno ofde [[acoustic quietingresonancia]]. Thede majorityla ofcolumna thede soundgas pressurede producedmodo byque theel enginelargo isde emanatedla outcolumna ofse theescoge vehiclepara usingque the same piping used by the silent exhaust gases absorbed byresuene a seriesfrecuencias of passagescon anddefase chambersde lined180° withde rovingmodo [[fiberglass]]que insulationocurra and/or resonating chambers [[harmonic]]allyla tunedcancelación todel causesonido [[destructiveinterferencia interferencedestructiva]] wherein opposite sound waves cancel each other out. An unavoidable [[side effect]] of muffler use is an increase of [[back pressure]] which decreases [[engine efficiency]]. This is because the engine exhaust must share the same complex exit pathway built inside the muffler as the sound pressure that the muffler is designed to mitigate.
Some vehicle owners remove or install an [[Aftermarket (automotive)|aftermarket]] muffler when [[engine tuning]] in order to increase [[Power (physics)|power]] output or reduce [[Fuel economy in automobiles|fuel consumption]] because of [[economic]] or [[Environmental quality|environmental]] concerns, recreational pursuits such as [[motorsport]] and [[hypermiling]] and/or for personal [[Aesthetics|aesthetic]] [[Acoustics|acoustical]] preferences. Although the [[Law|legality]] of altering a motor vehicle's [[Original equipment manufacturer|OEM]] exhaust system varies by jurisdiction, in most [[Developed country|developed parts of the world]], modification of a vehicle's exhaust system is usually highly regulated if not strictly prohibited.