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* Gioia, Ted. ''Healing Songs''. (Durham: Duke University Press, 2006).
* Gioia, Ted. “The Red Rumor Blues: Newly Released Files Reveal A Long-Running FBI Probe Into Music Chronicler Alan Lomax,” ''Los Angeles Times'', April 23, 2006.
* Gioia, Ted. Love Songs. The hidden history (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015).
* Haven, Cynthia. "Changing His Tune: A Jazz Expert Turns to Simpler Songs" -- an interview with Ted Gioia (''Stanford Magazine'', March / April 2007) [http://www.stanfordalumni.org/news/magazine/2007/marapr/show/gioia.html]
* Sohmer, Jack. Review of Ted Gioia's The History of Jazz (''Jazz Notes'', 1999)[http://www.jazzhouse.org/library/index.php3?read=sohmer3]
* Gioia, Ted. ''La historia del Jazz''. Ediciones Turner y Fondo de Cultura Económica, [[2002]]. ISBN España 84-7506-536-8. ISBN México 968-16-6646-1
* Gioia, Ted. ''Blues. La música del Delta del Mississippi''. Ediciones Turner, [[2010]]. ISBN España 978-84-7506-881-7.
* Gioia, Ted. ''El canon del jazz. Los 250 temas imprescindibles.'' Ediciones Turner, [[2013]]. ISBN España 978-84-15832-02-7.
* Gioia, Ted. ''Canciones de amor''. Ediciones Turner, [[2016]]. ISBN España 978-84-15832-20-1.
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