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Konami M2

hardware para videojuegos

Konami M2 es una placa de arcade creada por Konami destinada a los salones arcade.



El Konami M2 fue lanzada por Konami en 1997 y está basada en el hardware de 3DO.

El sistema posee dos procesadores IBM PowerPC 602, y el audio lo gestionaba el Playstation SPU.[1]​ En esta placa funcionaron 8 títulos.

Especificaciones técnicasEditar

  • CPU : 2 x IBM PowerPC 602 EMPPC602FB66

Custom ASICs

  • BDA:

Memory control, system control, and video/graphic control Full triangle renderer including setup engine, MPEG-1 decoder hardware, DSP for audio and various kinds of DMA control and port access Random access of frame buffer and z-buffer (actually w-buffer) possible at the same time

  • CDE: Power bus connected to BDA and the two CPUs, "bio-bus" used as a low-speed bus for peripheral hardware
  • Renderer capabilities:

1 million un-textured triangles/s geometry rate 100 million pixels/s fill rate reportedly 700,000 textured polygons/s *without* gouraud shading or additional effects reportedly 300,000 to 500,000 textured polygons/s *with* gouraud shading, lighting and effects

  • Shading: flat shading and gouraud shading, texture mapping, decal, modulation blending, tiling (16K/128K texture buffer built-in)

Hardware z-buffer (16-bit) (actually a block floating point with multiple (4) range w-buffer), object-based full-scene anti-aliasing, alpha channel (4-bit or 7-bit)

  • Resolution : 320x240 to 640x480 resolution at 24-bit color
  • Sound hardware - 16-bit 32-channel DSP at 66 MHz (within BDA chip)
  • Media - Quad-speed CD-ROM drive (600 KB/s)
  • RAM - Unified memory subsystem with 8 MB/s, 64-bit bus resulting in peak 533 MB/s bandwidth, Average access 400 MB/s.
  • Full Motion Video - MPEG-1
  • Writable Storage - Memory cards from 128 KiB to 32 MiB
  • Expansion Capabilities - 1 PCMCIA port (potentially used for Modems, Ethernet NICs, etc.)
  • Roms : 8x CD Rom LW and Rom Bios

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