Konnichiwa Yanajin-San.

Don't worry for your english, my english is so clumsy too, but if you wanna speak japanese in this spanish Wikipedia, go to contact this user, Taichi, or if he is busy, look for anyone of these others

These users can speak japanese very well, specially Taichi, he is Administrator here in es.wiki, and he is an expert in themes and topics related than Japan!

And about Ryōma Sakamoto... he was the samurai that founded Mitsubishi Motors Corp. ¿right?

Sayonara I see ya! Mr. X (discusión) 02:59 11 dic 2010 (UTC)

Thank you for your message.I learned a name Taichi.
Yes.Ryōma Sakamoto was the samurai.he was tha last samurai in Japan.A man who founded Mitsubishi Motors Corp was Yatarō Iwasaki,not Ryōma Sakamoto.Yatarō Iwasaki was Sakamoto's partner.
I'm planning to translate Ryōma's documents to other languages.
--Yanajin33 (discusión) 04:46 11 dic 2010 (UTC)

OK, thank you for your information about Yatarō Iwasaki; i was wrong about Ryōma Sakamoto respect to Mitsubishi foundation, in fact, there isn't Ryōma Sakamoto article in this spanish Wikipedia, so if you learn spanish someday, translate your data to complete this article please.

Good look.

--Mr. X (discusión) 04:13 12 dic 2010 (UTC) , your gaijin contact in spanish Wikipedia ;)

PS: In my previous message was an error in one internal link but i fixed it now, so check where it said "look for anyone of these others" to go to a list with other users that speak japanese.

I see ya.

Ohayo nakamaEditar

Hello my friend i know that you only can speak english as a second language and that you are japanese but doesn`t matters, the thing is that i know a little bit of japanese, well almost nothing, so i`m looking for learn more japanese, so what do you reccomend me?--José Kusanagi (discusión) 19:38 14 ene 2011 (UTC)


Thank you for your contribution in James Joyce article.