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Anexo:Doctores honoris causa por la Universidad Purdue

Desde 1888, la Universidad Purdue ha concedido los siguientes doctorados honorarios:

Doctor Doctorado Año
Darrel Abel Letters 1990
James F. Ackerman Education 2004
Nels J. Ackerson Agriculture 2006
Richard E. Adams Engineering 1977
Robert V. Adams Engineering 2005
Lu Ann Aday Social Sciences 2004
George Ade Humane Letters 1926
Stig L. Agurell Science 1985
Herbert Richard Albrecht Agriculture 1962
John A. Alexander Humane Letters 1986
Anna Margaret Alexander Humane Letters 1986
Durward L. Allen Agriculture 1985
Charles W. Allmon Agriculture 1994
Donald J. Almquist Technology 1993
Jonathan Weekes Amy Science 2014
Ronald M. Andersen Social Sciences 1999
Robert Clarke Anderson Science 1953
Jesse Charles Andrew Agriculture 1951
Frederick Newcomb Andrews Agriculture 1983
Ali S. Argon Engineering 2005
Neil Alden Armstrong Engineering 1970
W. Dwight Armstrong Agriculture 2013
Russell L. Arndt Agriculture 1992
Struther Arnott Science 1998
Charles J. Arntzen Science 1997
Joseph Charles Arthur Science 1931
Martin M. Atalla Engineering 2003
William Avery Atkins Laws 1949
Bernard Axelrod Science 1989
Alfred Robert Bader Science 1984
Ralph E. Bailey Engineering 1979
Endre A. Balazs Science 2005
Ira Lawrence Baldwin Science 1945
Fernley Hope Banbury Engineering 1948
John B. Bancroft Agriculture 1993
Gilbert S. Banker Science 2003
Sylvia Bankoff Humane Letters 2007
E. Sharon Banks Letters 2000
Joanne Trautmann Banks Letters 1991
William G. Bares Engineering 1991
Lowell R. Barnes Science (Vet Med) 1994
Stephenson Barton Barnes Engineering 1959
Frank M. Bass Management 1988
G. Franco Bassani Science 1994
Robert E. Bateman Engineering 1992
William Lorraine Batt Engineering 1933
Percy Haight Batten Engineering 1949
Haron James Battle Laws 1990
Joseph K. Baffour-Senkyire Laws 1981
Evan Bayh Management 2003
Birch Evans Bayh, Jr. Laws 1965
Henry Claude Beal Engineering 1952
James B. Beard Agriculture 2004
Robert Charles Becherer Engineering 1955
Stephen D. Bechtel Engineering 1972
Lawrence Beck Agriculture 2007
Harry Beevers Science 1971
James Emory Beggs Engineering 1970
Cornell Bell Management 2007
Calvin E. Bellamy Humane Letters 1999
Myron Lee Bender Science 1969
Seymour Benzer Science 1968
Gerald Bepko Humane Letters 2009
James D. Bercaw Engineering 1991
Albert Joseph Berdis Engineering 1960
Eugene Paulson Berg Engineering 1977
James O. Berger Science 2004
Donovan Reese Berlin Engineering 1953
John H. Beynon Science 1995
Francis Eugene Bibbins Science 1942
Gordon M. Binder Engineering 2005
William E. Bindley Management 1997
Michael J. Birck Engineering 1995
Arville Wayne Bitting Science 1935
Katherine Golden Bitting Science 1935
William A. Black Humane Letters 1998
Walter S. Blackburn Letters 2000
Hubert Charles Blackwell Engineering 1940
Norman P. Blake, Jr. Economics 1995
Andrew H. Bobeck Engineering 1972
William Boehm Agriculture 2007
Llewellyn Michael Kraus Boelter Engineering 1957
Bernard William Bogan Engineering 1969
Henry Luke Bolley Science 1938
Harold August Bolz Engineering 1964
Arthur J. Bond Engineering 2009
Robert M. Book Agriculture 2012
W. Wayne Booker Humane Letters 2000
Joe Carroll Bottum Agriculture 1972
Otis Bowen Laws 1982
Robert L. Bowen Engineering 2007
Charles F. Bowman Agriculture 1986
John William Branson Laws 1952
Craig Brater Science 2008
Alembert Winthrop Brayton Science 1888
Ricardo Bressani Agriculture 1976
George J. Brewer Science 2004
Roy D. Bridges, Jr. Engineering 2001
Donald Crum Brodie Science 1984
Raymond L. Broemmelsiek Engineering 1987
Beth A. Brooke Management 2012
Curtis Morris Brown Engineering 1963
Gordon Stanley Brown Engineering 1958
Herbert C. Brown Science 1981
Lawrence D. Brown Science 1993
James E. Browning Landscape Architecture 1988
Elmer Frank Bruhn Engineering 1975
Richard M. Brumfield Engineering 1979
Chistopher Burke Engineering 2010
Robert D. Burke Agriculture 2010
Lorene M. Burkhart Letters (CFS) 1997
Henry Matthew Burlage Science 1961
James Robert Burnett Engineering 1969
Donald Clemens Burnham Engineering 1958
Joseph Bell Burt Science 1955
Carl A. Burtis Science (Vet Med) 2004
Keith E. Busse Management 2006
Susan Bulkeley Butler Management 1999
Earl Lauer Butz Laws 1973
Gene Paul Buzzard Science Education 1983
William C. Byham Social Sciences 2007
Herman Cain Science 2004
Orestes Hampton Caldwell Engineering 1933
Jerry Jackson Callis Science (Vet Med) 1979
Henrietta Willard Calvin Laws 1938
Kathy Calvin Social Sciences 2013
Angelo J. Camaghi Science (Pharmacy) 1993
James Hobart Campbell Engineering 1964
Ronald P. Cantrell Agriculture 2005
Robert J. Carbonell Agriculture 1990
William W. Carlton Science (Vet Med) 2000
John R. Carnaghi Education (póstumo) 2014
Will D. Carpenter Science 1999
Charles Jelleff Carr Science 1964
Dennis L. Carter Science 1996
David C. Cassidy Science 1997
Eugene Andrew Cernan Engineering 1970
YJean S. Chambers Humane Letters 1993
Jane Chance Letters 2013
Ronald E. Chance Science 1999
Allen Y. Chao Science 2000
Elizabeth W. Chapman Letters 2004
Howard L. Chapman Letters 2004
Tan Sun (Mark) Chen Science 2006
Paul Franklin Chenea Engineering 1968
Opie Chenoweth Engineering 1950
George C. Christensen Science (Vet Med) 1978
Harold T. Christensen Letters 1993
George Irving Christie Laws 1944
Richard C. Chu Engineering 1996
John Michael Stanley Ciborski Engineering 1968
Helen E. Clark Science (CFS) 1994
Milton Ure Clauser Engineering 1967
Marie M. Clay Education 2002
Abraham Burton Cohen Engineering 1949
Lois R.K. Cohen Letters 1989
James Samuel Coleman Laws 1970
Dean Wallace Colvard Agriculture 1961
Rita Rossi Colwell Science 1993
Richard J. Combs Education Administration 1990
Norma H. Compton Letters (CFS) 1996
Barbara I. Cook Letters (Education) 1996
Arnold C. Cooper Management 2005
William Cordier Engineering 2008
France A. Córdova Science 2012
Clarence Linus Cory Engineering 1914
Harry Thomas Cory Engineering 1929
Stanley Coulter Science 1931
Earl Wendel Count Letters 1990
Robert B. Covalt Engineering 1992
Thomas Kyle Cowden Agriculture 1966
Clifton B. Cox Agriculture 1976
Jarred Vincent Crabb Laws 1953
Avery Odelle Craven Humane Letters 1969
William Hobart Creighton Agriculture 1963
William T. Creson Engineering 1984
David N. Crosthwait, Jr. Technology 1975
Norris Roy Crump Engineering 1951
Lewis B. Cullman Management 1993
George Baker Cummins Agriculture 1981
Carolyn Curiel Letters 2008
Terrence M. Curtin Science (Vet Med) 1992
Stephen P. Curtis Engineering 1975
Andrew M. Dahlem Veterinary Medicine 2014
Mitchell E. Daniels Laws 1990
Richard E. Dauch Management 1999
Janice G. Davidson Education 1997
James Nathaniel Davis Science 1959
Jim Davis Fine Arts 1990
Leroy Davis Science 2005
Edward Wilson Davis Engineering 1955
Clinton Joseph Davisson Science 1937
John S. Day Management 1993
Eliseu Roberto de Andrade Alves Agriculture 1985
Juan Ernesto de Bedout Engineering 2013
Carl W.R. de Boor Science 1993
W. Ron DeHaven Veterinary Medicine 2005
Arthur J. Deicio Humane Letters 1999
Angela Jean Del Vecchio Science 2001
Richard B. DeMars Engineering 1988
Arnold Eugene Denton Agriculture 1986
Paul Smith Dickey Engineering 1953
Brent E. Dickson Letters (Liberal Arts) 1996
John Astor Dienner Engineering 1939
John Walter Dietz Engineering 1944
Matthew O. Diggs, Jr. Engineering 1991
Joseph DiGirolamo Engineering 1985
Jack E. Dixon Agriculture 2004
Martha Doan Science 1950
Bernice Lee Dodds Laws 1958
Harold Willis Dodds Laws 1938
Burl Austin Dollens Engineering 1951
Ronald W. Dollens Science 2001
James T. Doluisio Science (Pharmacy) 1995
Channing Rice Dooley Engineering 1944
James E. Dora Sr. Consumer and Family Sciences 2006
C. James Dorrenbacher Engineering 1989
Richard M. Dougherty Humane Letters 1991
George Doup Agriculture 1990
Elizabeth J. Doversberger Education 2001
Lawrence Aloysius Downs Engineering 1929
Bernhardt Louis Droman Engineering 1960
A. Donald Duke Engineering 1985
Pete Dye Landscape Architecture 1998
Roberto Leal Lobo e Silva Filho Science 1991
John Walter Easterline Engineering 1944
Carol A. Ecker Science (Vet Med) 1998
Wayne A. Eckerle Engineering 2009
Ernst Rudolf Georg Eckert Engineering 1968
John Edwardson Engineering 2006
Carl H. Elliott Letters 1985
Edward Charles Elliott Laws 1947
John Richard Emens Educational Administration 1968
Thomas J. Engibous Engineering 1997
Nils Erik Enkvist Letters 1982
William W. Erwin Agriculture 1992
Michael L. Eskew Engineering 2002
Daniel R. Evans Laws 1988
Rupert Nelson Evans Vocational Education 1970
Robert L. Ewigleben Humane Letters 1984
Ralph Eigil Fadum Engineering 1963
Hsu Yun Fan Science 1990
Donald W. Feddersen Engineering 2001
Fred M. Fehsenfeld Engineering 1999
John Feldhusen Education 1999
John Earl Fetzer Humane Letters 1986
Lester Marshall Field Engineering 1968
Peter Fischer-Appelt Letters 1992
Donald V. Fites Agriculture 2003
Robert Gene Flannery Engineering 1985
Wendell Fleming Science 1991
Charles V. Flemming Science (Pharmacy) 1994
Heinz G. Floss Science 1986
Joseph Flummerfelt Letters 1985
Jack E. Forbes Science 1987
Frederick R. Ford Management 1998
Joe W. Forehand, Jr. Management 2005
Robert C. Forney Engineering 1981
William Brooks Fortune Science 1966
Don Eugene Francke Science 1951
Gloria Niemeyer Francke Pharmacy 1988
Lytle Justin Freehafer Laws 1974
Avner Friedman Science 2011
James M. Frische Engineering 1994
Hellmut Fritzche Science 1988
Herbert Frohllich Science 1981
Harold M. Frost Science (Vet Med) 1994
Paul Eugene Fuecht Engineering 1953
David I. Fuente Management 1995
Ray W. Fuller Science 1990
William Richard Fuller Science 2000
Jacek K. Furdyna Science 2007
Clifford Cook Furnas Engineering 1945
Robert E. Gadomski Engineering 2001
Nathaniel Lees Gage Letters 1978
John N. Gardner Higher Education 2000
John Alexander Garettson Laws 1985
William H. Gass Letters 1985
Hilliard Gates Laws 1988
Robert McFarland Gates Engineering 1944
Claire Lynn Gaudiani Letters 1990
Don K. Gentry Technology 2014
Thomas G. Gerding Science 2002
Lillian Moller Gilbreth Industrial Psychology 1948
Nancy Gillett Science (Vet Med) 2006
Melvin J. Glimcher Engineering 2004
Eva L. Goble Letters 1999
Sydney Goldstein Engineering 1967
Bruce Winfred Gonser Engineering 1967
James Emerson Goodman Industrial Administration 1964
Elliott Morton Gordon Engineering 1950
Loren R. Graham Letters 1986
Patricia Albjerg Graham Letters 1980
Thomas Collier Gray Engineering 1956
Daniel Crandall Green Engineering 1942
Jurgen Grobmann Management 2000
Lee Grodzins Science 1998
Richard Joseph Grosh Engineering 1985
Deboraah L. Grubbe Engineering 2010
Moira A. Gunn Science 2009
Mark F. Hagerman Letters 2009
Dawson Hague Science 1984
Erwin Louis Hahn Science 1975
David Wayne Hallstein Engineering 1971
Delon Hampton Engineering 1994
William Andrew Hanley Engineering 1937
Clinton Richards Hanna Engineering 1945
Clarence Weston Hansell Engineering 1952
Arthur Gene Hansen Engineering 1970
Richard W. Hansen Technology 1988
Clifford Morris Hardin Science 1952
Lowell S. Hardin Agriculture 1990
Charles M. Harper Engineering 1989
W. James Harper Agriculture 2014
Albert J. Harris Letters 1981
Anthony Harris Engineering 2013
William J. Harris, Jr. Engineering 1978
Edwin Davies Harrison Engineering 1961
Douglas Coate Harvey Engineering 1982
Enoch Ralph Harvey Agriculture 1967
Rodney Beecher Harvey Science 1939
Henry Bohn Hass Science 1970
Joe S. Hatfield Agriculture 2005
George Andrew Hawkins Engineering 1975
Alice H. Hayden Letters 1977
William Hayes Science 1996
John B. Hayhurst Engineering 1998
Richard A. Hazelton Engineering 1998
Thomas Hefner Management 2006
Kenneth R. Heimlich Science 1990
Robert Eugene Heine Science 1968
Harold J. Heinold Agriculture 1981
Walter P. Helmke Laws 1990
James Brooke Henderson Engineering 1983
Robert E. Herrold Education 1998
Charles Edward Hess Agriculture 1983
John W. Hicks Higher Education 1995
Truman Edward Hienton Science 1950
A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Laws 1979
William H.C. Higgins Engineering 1978
John Adam Hillenbrand Laws 1947
William A. Hillenbrand Laws 1979
James Harold Hilton Science 1945
Darlene Clark Hine Letters 2002
Gerald Douglas Hines Engineering 1983
Heisuke Hironaka Science 1989
Harry F. Hixson, Jr. Science 1999
Wayne Thomas Hockmeyer Science 2002
Thomas R. Hodgson Engineering 1993
Vice Adm. Gerald L. Hoewing Education 2013
George Nissley Hoffer Science 1939
Robert Arnot Hoffer Technology 1986
Milton B. Hollander Engineering 2009
Solomon Cady Hollister Engineering 1958
Asher Earl Holloway Engineering 1953
Robert E. Hollowell, Jr. Agriculture 1975
Nicholas Hood Laws 1978
August F. Hook Pharmacy 1973
John R. Horne Engineering 1998
Frederick L. Hovde Laws 1975
Alan Howard Engineering 1954
Louis Bradley Howard Science 1954
Ralph Bishop Howland Engineering 1952
Sheng-Cheng Hu Economics 2004
Hui Huang Engineering 1962
Ralph P. Hudson Science 2001
Kenneth Wilbur Huffine Engineering 1956
Francis Norman Hughes Laws 1954
Gloria T. Hull Letters 1992
Laurence H. Hurley Science 2013
Robert Francis Hurt Pharmacy 1964
John Newell Hurty Pharmacy 1888
Henry Augustus Huston Science 1931
Otto Frederick Huziker Science 1932
James D. Idol, Jr. Science 1980
Singer B. Irelan Engineering 1951
F. Kenneth Iverson Engineering 1988
Eugene B. Jackson Humane Letters (Libraries) 1994
Eugene Russell Jaffe Management 2002
Glenn L. Jenkins Science 1976
Peter Randolph Jennings Agriculture 1971
Bob F. Jesse Engineering 1999
Martin C. Jischke Engineering 2007
Patricia F. Jischke Information Literacy 2007
Jesse Edward Jobson Engineering 1957
Harley Alden Johnson Engineering 1935
Ralph Johnson Engineering 2008
Robert W. Johnson Management 2000
Charles C. Johnson, Jr. Engineering 1995
M. James Johnston Humane Letters 2002
Max Jokob Engineering 1948
Thomas Franklin Jones Engineering 1971
Samuel Kahn Engineering 1936
Armin Dale Kaiser Science 1986
Wolfgang Kaiser Science 1993
Morton I. Kamien Economics 2001
Emerson Kampen Management 1990
William Kassling Management 2006
Jack Kelble Engineering 2006
Arthur Kelly Engineering 1961
Everett Lowell Kelly Science 1955
Joe Wallace Kelly Engineering 1967
Ray Thomas Kelsey Agriculture 1960
Peter C. Kesling Science 1995
Robert Lewis Kessler Engineering 1971
Karl H. Kettlehut Engineering 1991
Alfred William Kettler Laws 1971
Joe L. Key Agriculture 1995
Renu Khator Social Sciences 2009
Habil Khorakiwala Pharmacy 2010
Robert E. King Engineering 1984
Samuel Montgomery Kintner Engineering 1932
Robert L. Kirk Engineering 1993
Avanelle Kirksey Science (CFS) 1997
Ivan Melvin Kirlin Engineering 1955
Fred Klipsch Technology 2007
Maurice G. Knoy Engineering 1981
Henry Koffler Science 1977
John Byron Kohlmeyer Agriculture 1976
Bertram Kostant Science 1997
Richard A. Kraft Engineering 1990
Robert Christian Kramer Agriculture 1968
Herman Charles Krannert Industrial Administration 1962
Karl J. Krapek Management 1998
Henry Reist Kraybill Science 1956
David Kritchevsky Science 2001
Frederick Charles Kroeger Engineering 1941
H. Karl Kuehner Technology 1998
Aelred J. Kurtenbach Engineering 2011
Brian P. Lamb Laws 1986
William Vincent Lambert Science 1959
James L. Lammie Engineering 1997
John B. Landis Science 2008
Joanne B. Lantz Humane Letters 1994
Charles H. Lawshe Science 1975
Richard Lawson Science 2006
Floyd H. Lawson, Jr. Engineering 1990
Richard Emmett LeBlond Industrial Management 1961
David S. Leckone Science 2013
John O. Ledyard Letters 1993
Charles Oren Lee Science 1971
Lawrence H. Lee Letters 2001
Jackson R. Lehman Letters 1997
John Adam Leighty Science 1958
Mary Beth Leininger Science (Vet Med) 1997
Fritz Leonhardt Engineering 1980
A. Carl Leopold Agriculture 1998
Raymond Leppard Fine Arts 1992
Harry Guyer Leslie Laws 1932
Gilbert A. Leveille Science 2007
Alan J. Levy Science 2007
Daniel C. Lewis Technology 2010
Hugh B. Lewis Science (Vet Med) 2011
Waldo Buford Ligett, Jr. Science 1965
Josia Kirby Lilly Laws 1939
Alton A. Lindsey Science 1995
Frederick Charles Lindvall Engineering 1966
Ludwig F. Lischer Engineering 1976
Frank Perry Lloyd Letters 1983
Floyd D. Loop Science 2006
Robert Lowery Humane Letters 1996
Matthew Luckiesh Engineering 1935
Robert W. Lucky Engineering 1988
Richard G. Lugar Agriculture 2004
Anne May Lutz Science 1932
Ashley Willard Lutz Engineering 1990
John H. Lux Engineering 1989
Saunders MacLane Science 1965
William P. Madar Engineering 1999
Charles Marion Maddox Laws 1971
Edson Potsch Magalhaes Agriculture 1973
Marjorie Magner Management 2004
Estus Hubert Magoon Engineering 1937
William G. Magrane Science (Vet Med) 1991
Harry J. Magrane, Jr. Science (Vet Med) 1991
Edward Garfield Mahin Science 1950
Andrew J. Majda Science 2000
Thomas J. Malott Engineering 2002
Allen Mandelbaum Letters 1988
Maynard J. Mansfield Engineering 1998
Richard J. Markham Science 1998
John Clyde Marquis Agriculture 1942
J. Willard Marriott, Jr. Letters 2002
Edmund V. Marshall Engineering 1980
Henry Wright Marshall Laws 1931
Emil P. Martini, Jr. Pharmacy 1984
Mary Lockwood Matthews Laws 1953
A. Bruce Maunder Agriculture 2003
Marwan J. Mausher Engineering 1999
Russell George Mawby Agriculture 1973
Preston McAfee Economics 2008
Alfred John McAllister Engineering 1975
Angela Barron McBride Letters 1998
Thomas Bramlette McClelland Engineering 1984
Kenneth Earl McConnaughay Engineering 1973
John Tinney McCutcheon Humane Letters 1926
Gary C. McDonald Science 2000
Deborah E. McDowell Letters 2006
Karl Boyer McEachron Science 1941
J. Timothy McGinley Engineering 2010
C. Wayne McIlwraith Science (Vet Med) 2001
Fred W. McLafferty Science 1995
Harold Willmore McMillen Agriculture 1971
John F. McMillen Humane Letters 1999
Lesley James McNair Laws 1941
Sidney A. McNairy, Jr. Science 2002
George W. McNelly Technology 1997
Elwood Mead Engineering 1904
L. David Mech Agriculture 2005
Robert L. Meeks Letters 2009
William G. Meese Engineering 1972
Eugene S. Meieran Engineering 2004
Melvin Guy Mellon Science 1974
Chalrles E. Mergentime Engineering 1993
Doris H. Merritt Science 1997
Edwin T. Mertz Agriculture 1977
George Forrest Metcalf Engineering 1956
Daniel J. Meyer Engineering 1992
Harold L. Michael Engineering 1992
Walter Miller Engineering 1950
William F. Miller Science 1972
Mary Elizabeth Mitchell Humane Letters 1990
Za-Lee Moh Engineering 2011
Judith A. Monroe Health and Human Sciences 2014
John David Mooney Landscape Architecture 2001
H. Thomas Moore III Fine Arts 1995
Ignacio Narvaez Morales Agriculture 1969
Charles William Morey Laws 1937
Burton D. Morgan Management 1992
Wayne Jones Morrill Engineering 1974
Leonard E. Mortenson Science 2001
Ben Roy Mottelson Science 1968
George Edwin Mueller Engineering 1965
Herbert Joseph Muller Literature 1960
John T. Myers Public Service 1999
Donald N. Nau Mechanical Arts 1991
Kenneth N. Nay Agriculture 1988
Grover Cleveland Neff Engineering 1952
Ei-ichi Negishi Science 2012
Frederick C. Neidhardt Science 1988
Barton Nelson Agriculture 2006
Oliver E. Nelson, Jr. Agriculture 1977
Walter A. Netsch Landscape Architecture 1991
Herbert by McCoy New Science 1938
Barbara Warne Newell Administration 1976
Don M. Newman Pharmacy 1987
Roy Chester Newton Science 1952
Russell Nichols Education 2008
John Edward Nine Science 1983
Scott Manship Niswonger Technology 2004
Harrell Vaun Noble Engineering 1962
George Jacob Nold Engineering 1955
Masayasu Nomura Science 1996
Lothar Wolfgang Nordheim Science 1962
Robert Presley O'Bannon Laws 1971
Morrough Parker O'Brien Engineering 1961
William J. O'Neil Engineering 2004
Alex Golden Oblad Science 1959
Clare E. Oesterle Laws 1989
Bruce Olson Management 2007
Paul F. Oreffice Engineering 1976
Donald Orr Engineering 2006
Robert D. Orr Laws 1987
Carl A. Osborne Science (Vet Med) 1989
Albert W. Overhauser Science 2005
Jane Owen Letters 2008
Don Paarlberg Agriculture 1979
Thomas A. Page Management 1994
Charles J. Pankow Engineering 1983
Harold Robert Pape Engineering 1971
Eugene E. Parker Humane Letters 1996
Maclyn T. Parker Letters 2000
Lloyd McClain Parks Science 1962
Fred L. Patterson Agriculture 1995
Gerald Paul Letters 1998
Dennis J. Paustenbach Science 2006
Munro Peacock Science 2005
Neal Dow Peacock Agriculture 1965
Maurice Pensaert Science (Vet Med) 2002
Alan J. Perlis Science 1973
James E. Perrella Engineering 1994
Joseph Robert Perry Pharmacy 1893
Richard H. Petersen Engineering 1986
Alan E. Peterson Management 1991
John B. Peterson Agriculture 1982
David C. Pfendler Agriculture 1975
Ronald L. Phillips Agriculture 2000
Catherine Shevlin Pierce Letters 2005
Charles Joseph Plank Science 1977
William M. Plater Humane Letters 2010
Charles R. Plott Letters 1995
Charles Sumner Plumb Science 1935
Ben M. Pollard Engineering 2012
Cash Blair Pollard Science 1954
Blucher Adams Poole Engineering 1965
Carol M. Pottenger Social Sciences 2007
Andrey Abraham Potter Engineering 1955
Donald S. Powers Laws 1992
Grover Francis Powers Science 1935
Mamon M. Powers Engineering 2014
Franklyn G. Prendergast Science 1994
William Roy Pritchard Science (Vet Med) 1977
A. Alan B. Pritsker Engineering 1998
Edward Mills Purcell Engineering 1953
Louis Putze Industrial Management 1974
Charles Henry Quinn Laws 1954
John J. Quinn Science 1992
Ernestine M. Raclin Technology 1992
James L. Rainey Agriculture 1991
James D. Raisbeck Engineering 2005
Arcot Ramachandran Engineering 1982
Michael P. Ramage Engineering 1996
C.N.R. Rao Science 1982
M.V. Rao Agriculture 1999
Jerry S. Rawls Management 2001
Gerald Leroy Reason Engineering 1951
Orville Redenbacher Agriculture 1988
Dale D. Reed Agriculture 2002
Harry James Reed Agriculture 1958
Ollie Ezekiel Reed Science 1947
John W. Reese, Jr. Technology 2006
Jack E. Reich Management 1993
Vincent Peter Reilly Engineering 1959
Ruth Rhinehart Humane Letters 2008
Donald Blessing Rice Management 1985
Ronald R. Rice Agriculture 2000
Charles Russ Richards Engineering 1932
Timothy J. Richmond Science 2001
David S. Ridderheim, Jr. Humane Letters 1995
Harold W. Ritchey Engineering 1960
Jim E. Riviere Science (Vet Med) 2007
Donald A. Roach Engineering 1995
Herbert E. Robbins Science 1974
Albert Osborne Roberts, Jr. Technology 1984
Clarence Hovey Robertson Science 1926
Wendy Robinson Education 2007
Frank Helmuth Roby Engineering 1967
Henry L. Roediger III Social Sciences 2004
Albert Bruce Rogers Humane Letters 1932
Herbert Franklin Rogers Engineering 1979
Carl D. Rolfsen Humane Letters 1994
Ian M. Rolland Humane Letters 1987
Edward Dumas Rollert Industrial Management 1960
Henry F. Rood Humane Letters 1986
Sherwin Rosen Economics 2000
Simon Peter Rosen Science 2004
Jerry L. Ross Science 2000
William Ruch Rothenberger Agriculture 1970
J. Edward Roush Laws 1993
Richard Lee Rouzie Engineering 1969
Hartley Rowe Engineering 1947
Burton B. Ruby Laws 1987
Henry Perly Rusk Science 1949
Louis Ruthenburg Engineering 1947
Philip Casteen Rutledge Engineering 1956
Vernon W. Ruttan Agriculture 1991
Donald G. Saari Science 1989
Robert Green Sachs Science 1967
Carl L. Sadler, Jr. Engineering 1974
Harry Robinson Safford Engineering 1920
Glenn C. Salley Engineering 1990
Glenn W. Sample Agriculture 1972
Steven B. Sample Higher Education 1994
Anthony San Pietro Science 1992
Samuel Ralph Sapirie Engineering 1958
George Dewey Scarseth Science 1952
Frederick Alan Schaff Engineering 1949
Christopher E. Schenkel Letters 1975
Morton Schindel Education 2008
Allison Rae Schleicher III Management 2003
Helen Blanche Schleman Laws 1971
Carl J. Schlemmer Engineering 1986
William F. Schmied Engineering 1987
Peter Schneider Fine Arts 2000
Thomas H. Scholl Letters 2014
Allen Heaten Schooley Engineering 1966
James F. Schorr Engineering 1987
Raemer Edgar Schreiber Science 1964
Helga Schubert Humane Letters 1991
G. Edward Schuh Agriculture 1992
Reinhardt Schuhmann, Jr. Engineering 1993
Walter Wesley Schuyler Engineering 1956
Julian Seymour Schwinger Science 1961
Donald R. Scifres Engineering 2001
Robert E. Scifres Engineering 1980
Michael M. Sears Engineering 2002
John Reese Seffrin Social Sciences 2003
Robert L. Sellars Agriculture 1993
Jerry D. Semler Management 2002
Lawrence Senesh Letters 1977
Scott Philip Serota Science 2014
Roscoe Seybold Engineering 1942
Paul E. Shaffer Humane Letters 1985
Yvonnne Shaheen Education 1993
Manju Sharma Science 2012
Jack A. Shaw Engineering 1998
Kenneth A. Shaw Education 1990
Bradley Sheares Science 2008
Thomas Sheehan Technology 2008
Tilton Edward Shelburne Engineering 1966
William S. Shields Technology 1990
Nathan Wetherill Shock Science 1954
Randolph Norris Shreve Engineering 1961
Shien -siu Shu Engineering 1991
John Conrad Siegesmund Engineering 1959
David Siegmund Science 2005
Lewis Ketcham Sillcox Engineering 1951
Angus Sinclair Engineering 1908
Daniel G. Sisler Agriculture 1989
Swaminathan Sivaram Science 2010
Russell Games Slater Engineering 1949
George White Sloan Pharmacy 1890
Elvie L. Smith Engineering 1987
Harold Babbit Smith Engineering 1929
John Smith Science 2005
L. Dennis Smith Science 2000
Vernon L. Smith Management 1989
Harley W. Snyder Management 2014
Anna Pao Sohmen Letters 2003
Gary A. Sojka Science 2002
Stuart A. Solin Science 2003
Hugo F. Sonnenschein Economics 1996
Donald Clayton Spencer Science 1971
Guilford Lawson Spencer Science 1891
Joel S. Spira Engineering 2003
George Spitzer Science 1929
Venu Srinivasan Management 2014
John Marshall Stalnaker Laws 1956
Werner Stark Letters 1976
Gilman C. Stewart Agriculture 1974
Joe J. Stewart Engineering 1994
John A. Stewart Agriculture 1974
Robert Bruce Stewart Educational Administration 1968
Frederick Joseph Stock science 1949
M. Beverly Stone Humane Letters 1986
Chris Stout Technology 2013
Alfred Stovall Science 2008
Dorothy Constance Stratton Laws 1958
James J. Stukel Engineering 1997
Julius William Sturmer Science 1934
Chesley B. Sullenberger III Letters 2011
Dennis W. Sullivan Engineering 2006
Paul M.H. Sun Agriculture 1996
JoAnn A. Suzich Agriculture 2011
David O. Swain Engineering 2000
Howard Wigton Swank Science 1962
John J. Swearingen Aviation Technology 1969
Burr S. Swezey Industrial Management 1972
John B. Swisher Agriculture 1997
Nobutaka Takahashi Agriculture 1997
Shoji Tanaka Science 1999
Booth Tarkington Humane Letters 1940
Caroline Gordon Tate Literature 1966
Charles E. Taylor Engineering 2003
Orlando L. Taylor Letters 1994
Richard White Taylor Engineering 1973
Joseph G. Temple, Jr. Engineering 1988
Mildred Clara Templin Letters 1976
Charles Houston Terhune, Jr. Engineering 1966
Fred W. Thomas Agriculture 1987
James A. Thomson Science 1992
William J. Tietz, Jr. Science (Vet Med) 1982
Donald Heath Tilson Engineering 1963
Zane G. Todd Engineering 1979
Harris T. Travis Technology 1991
Achim Trebst Science 1991
John Groff Truxal Engineering 1963
Terry L. Tucker Agriculture 1995
John Francis Tuohy Letters 1987
Basil Sidney Turner Industrial Administration 1965
Varro E. Tyler Science 1999
Robert Marshall Ultley Letters 1974
H. Edwin Umbarger Science 1994
Joe R. Urschel Technology 1990
Gladys Ellen Vail Science 1977
Blake Ragsdale Van Leer Engineering 1944
Larry N. Vanderhoef Agriculture 2000
Charles Edwin Vanderkleed Science 1934
Ronald Venderly Letters 2010
Raymond Viskanta Engineering 2007
Norman James Volk Agriculture 1969
Russell Randolph Waesche Engineering 1944
Charles J. Waidelich Engineering 1978
Lawrence Wilkerson Wallace Engineering 1932
William A. Wallenmeyer Science 1989
Joseph E. Walther Science 1998
Thomas E. Walton, Jr. Science (Vet Med) 1999
Patrick Shui Chung Wang Engineering 2004
Samuel H. Washburn Agriculture 1984
Walter Washington Science 1993
Richard D. Waterfield Management 2005
Harold Holliday Watts Letters 1975
William Levi Wearlyl Engineering 1959
Arthur D. Weber Science 1950
Paul Weber Science 1960
Steven A. Webster Management 2009
Elaine R. Wedral Agriculture 1996
Vern W. Weekman, Jr. Engineering 2007
Ralph Weiger Engineering 2014
Louis Arthur Weil, Jr. Management 1985
William L. Weiss Management 1988
Frank J. Welcher Science 1990
Wan-go H.C. Weng Fine Arts (Liberal Arts) 1997
Tang Wenjian Hospitality Management 2004
Chester Hamlin Werkman Science 1944
Richard Benbridge Wetherill Laws 1935
John Ward Wheeler Engineering 1945
Maynard C. Wheeler Engineering 1951
Robert Conrad Wheeler Engineering 1964
Roy Lester Whistler Agriculture 1985
Robert M. Whitsel Management 1996
Claude Raymond Wickard Agriculture 1941
Peggy Wild Letters 2005
Jay W. Wiley Management 1991
Luther S. Williams Science 1987
Samuel B. Williams Engineering 1982
Donald R. Willis Engineering 2004
Thomas S. Wilmeth Engineering 2013
Frank Jennings Winchell Engineering 1974
William Holland Winterrowd Engineering 1936
K. Kelly Wise Letters 2009
Sigmar L.K. Wittig Engineering 2000
David A. Wolf Engineering 2014
Don A. Wolf Humane Letters 1992
Russell Joseph Wolf Engineering 1969
Henry Blake Wood Engineering 1948
Richard Donald Wood Laws 1973
Charles Goodrich Woodbury Science 1937
John Robert Wooden Physical Education 1975
George Victor Woodling Engineering 1976
Robert Eastman Woodruff Engineering 1942
John Shepard Wright Laws 1940
Bill Wylam Engineering 2006
Henry T. Yang Engineering 1996
Ernest Charles Young Agriculture 1964
John A. Young Management 1987
Wilfred B. Young Agriculture 1948
William D. Young Engineering 2000
W. Robert Youngman Fine Arts 1994
Mohammed Zaher Agriculture 1963
J. Richard Zapapas Science 1979
Oscar Zariski Science 1973
Meinhart H. Zenk Science 1991
Guo-Ping Zhao Agriculture 2014
Maurice Joseph Zucrow Engineering 1970