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Esta página incluye la videografía de Mary J. Blige.

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Año Título Álbum Director
1992 "Real Love" What's The 411? Marcus Raboy
1992 "Reminisce" What's The 411? Marcus Raboy
1993 "Love No Limit" What's The 411? Millicent Shelton/Sean "Puffy" Combs
1993 "You Remind Me (Remix)" What's The 411? Marcus Raboy
1993 "You Don't Have To Worry" Who's The Man? [Soundtrack] F. Gary Gray
1994 "Be Happy" My Life Hype Williams/Sean "Puffy" Combs
1994 "You Bring Me Joy" My Life Marcus Raboy
1995 "I'm Goin' Down" My Life Matthew Rolston
1995 "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman" New York Undercover[Soundtrack] Brett Ratner
1996 "Not Gon' Cry" Share My World/Waiting to Exhale [Soundtrack] Wayne Maser/Elizabeth Bailey
1997 "Love Is All We Need" Share My World Paul Hunter
1997 "I Can Love You" Share My World Kevin Bray
1997 "Everything" Share My World Hype Williams
1998 "Everything (So So Def Remix)" Share My World Steve Willis
1998 "Seven Days" Share My World Steve Willis
1999 "As" (Duet with George Michael) Mary Big TV!
1999 "All That I Can Say" Mary Noble Jones
1999 "Deep Inside" Mary Marcus Raboy
2000 "Your Child" Mary Bille Woodruff
2000 "Give Me You" Mary Earle Sebastian
2000 "Give Me You (Niño Mix)" Mary Steve Willis
2001 "Family Affair" No More Drama Dave Meyers
2001 "No More Drama" No More Drama Sanji
2002 "Dance For Me" * No More Drama Urban Ström
2002 "Rainy Dayz" No More Drama David Palmer
2003 "Love @ 1st Sight" Love & Life Chris Robinson
2004 "Not Today" Love & Life/Barber Shop 2 [Soundtrack] Chris Robinson
2004 "Ooh!" Love & Life Sanji
2004 "It's A Wrap" Love & Life Sanaa Hamri/Mary J. Blige
2004 "Children Of The Ghetto" Live from Los Angeles J. Kevin Swain/Kendu Isaacs
2005 "Be Without You" The Breakthrough Matthew Rolston
2006 "One" The Breakthrough Paul Hunter
2006 "Enough Cryin" The Breakthrough Hype Williams
2006 "Take Me As I Am" The Breakthrough Billie Woodruff
2006 "MJB Da MVP" * Reflections (A Retrospective)/The Breakthrough Various (Montage video)
2006 "We Ride (I See The Future)" Reflections (A Retrospective) Erik White
2007 "Just Fine" Growing Pains Chris Applebaum
2008 "Stay Down" Growing Pains Hype Williams
2009 "Stronger" More Than a Game [Soundtrack] Anthony Mandler
2009 "The One" Stronger withEach Tear Anthony Mandler
2009 "I Am" Stronger withEach Tear Anthony Mandler
2010 "Each Tear" Stronger withEach Tear Marcus Raboy
2010 "We Got Hood Love" Stronger withEach Tear Chris Robinson
2011 "Someone to Love Me (Naked)" My Life II, The Journey Continues Colin Tilley
2011 "25/8" My Life II, The Journey Continues Diane Martel
2011 "Mr. Wrong" My Life II, The Journey Continues
2012 "Don't Mind" My Life II, The Journey Continues

Video musical (con Mary J. Blige)Editar

Año Título Álbum Director
1991 "I'll Do 4 U" (with Father MC) Father's Day -
1992 "Check It Out" (with Grand Puba) Reel To Reel Kevin Bray
1995 "I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By" (with Method Man) Tical Diane Martel
1995 "One More Chance/Stay With Me" (with The Notorious B.I.G.) Ready To Die Hype Williams/Sean "Puffy" Combs
1995 "Freedom (Theme From Panther)" (with Various Artists) Panther: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Antoine Fuqua
1996 "Touch Me Tease Me" (with Case) Case Brett Ratner
1998 "Lean On Me" (with Kirk Franklin) The Nu Nation Project Mark Gerard
2000 "911" (with Wyclef Jean) The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II A Book Marcus Raboy
2002 "Come Close" (with Common) Electric Circus Sanaa Hamri/Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson
2004 "I Try" (with Talib Kweli) The Beautiful Struggle Steven Murashige
2005 "Tears In Heaven" (with Various Artists) Tsunami Relief Marcus Raboy
2006 "Be Easy" (with Young Hot Rod) Fastlane Elad Offer
2006 "Runaway Love" (with Ludacris) Release Therapy Jessy Terrero
2008 "Something's Gotta Give" (with Big Boi) Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty Bryan Barber
2008 "IfULeave" (with Musiq Soulchild) On My Radio Sanji
2008 "Just Stand Up" (with Various Artists) Just Stand Up Don Mischer
2010 "We Are the World 25 for Haiti" We Are the World 25 for Haiti Paul Haggis

|* indicates that video wasn't released in the USA