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Brand New Heavies (abreviado BNH) es un grupo británico de acid jazz y hip hop alternativo, fundado en 1985 en Ealing, en Londres. Originalmente un grupo instrumental de rare groove, BNH adquirió gran reputación en la escena de los clubes londineses y muy pronto firmó con Cooltempo en el momento en que el acid house comenzaba a sustituir al rare groove en las salas de música.

Brand New Heavies
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Datos generales
Origen Londres, Inglaterra
Información artística
Género(s) Acid jazz, funk
Período de actividad 1985-presente
Discográfica(s) Acid Jazz, Delicious Vinyl, FFRR, Chrysalis UK, EDEL
Artistas relacionados N'Dea Davenport
Sitio web
Jan Kincaid
Simon Bartholomew
Andrew Levy
N'Dea Davenport
Siedah Garrett
Carleen Anderson
Nicole Russo
Sy Smith
Jay Ella Ruth
Ceri Evans

Los miembros principales del grupo son Jan Kincaid, N´Dea Davenport, Simon Bartholomew y Andrew Levy. The Brand New Heavies escogió su nombre después de la firma de su primer contrato de registro, inspirándose en la carátula de un sencillo de James Brown, donde estaba escrito: "Minister of New Super Heavy Funk".


The Brand New Heavies (1990)Editar

  1. Bnh
  2. Gimme One of Those
  3. Dream Come True
  4. Put the Funk Back In It
  5. People Get Ready
  6. Ride in the Sky
  7. Sphynx
  8. Stay This Way
  9. Shake Down

The Brand New Heavies feat. N'Dea Davenport (1991)Editar

  1. Dream come true
  2. Stay this way
  3. People get ready
  4. Never stop
  5. Put the funk back in it
  6. Ride in the sky
  7. BNH
  8. Gimme one of those
  9. Got to give
  10. Sphynx
  11. Dream come true (reality mix)
  12. Don’t let it go to your head

Brother Sister feat. N'Dea Davenport (1994)Editar

  1. Brother sister
  2. Dream on dreamer
  3. Midnight at the oasis
  4. Back to love
  5. Ten ton take
  6. Mind trips
  7. Spend some time
  8. Keep together
  9. Snake hips
  10. Fake
  11. People giving love
  12. World keep spinning
  13. Forever
  14. Day break
  15. Los burritos


  1. Rest of me
  2. Put yourself in my shoes
  3. Reality
  4. Country funkin’
  5. Got to give
  6. Mother’s tongue
  7. Dream come true
  8. Never stop
  9. Headhunters live
  10. A day at the seaside}}


  1. Mind trips (BNH remix)
  2. Bang
  3. Brother sister (The angel remix)
  4. Close to you
  5. Dream on dreamer (Angel remix)
  6. O-fa-fu
  7. Keep it coming
  8. Forever (Soulpower remix)
  9. Keep together (Jan Kincaid version)
  10. Country funkin’
  11. Worlds keep spinning
  12. Midnight at the oasis}}

Shelter feat. Siedah Garrett (1997)Editar

  1. I like it
  2. Sometimes
  3. Shelter
  4. You are the universe
  5. Crying water
  6. Day by day
  7. Feels like right
  8. Highest high
  9. Stay gone
  10. You’ve got a friend
  11. Once is twice enough
  12. After forever
  13. Last to know

Trink Funk The best of The Brand New Heavies feat. Carleen Anderson (1999)Editar

  1. Saturday nite
  2. Dream come true
  3. Never stop
  4. Stay this way
  5. Dream on dreamer
  6. Back to love
  7. Midnight at the oasis
  8. BNH
  9. You are the universe
  10. Forever
  11. Shelter
  12. Sometimes
  13. Spend some time
  14. You've got a friend
  15. Close to you
  16. Gimme one of those
  17. Apparently nothing
  18. Try my love

We Won't Stop (2003) - Sólo JapónEditar

  1. Intro
  2. Paarty
  3. Dont Call Me Foolish
  4. Respect
  5. What Do You Take Me For?
  6. We Wont Stop
  7. Bling Bling
  8. The Rhythm Is
  9. Love Is
  10. Music
  11. Do You Wanna Fly
  12. Rise

Allaboutthefunk feat. Nicole Russo (2004)Editar

  1. Boogie
  2. Need Some More
  3. Waste My Time
  4. Keep on Shining
  5. What Do You Take Me For?
  6. Surrender
  7. Many Rivers to Cross
  8. How Do You Think
  9. Every Time We Turn It Up
  10. It Could Be Me
  11. I Feel Right
  12. How We Do This
  13. Boogie [Blacksmith R&B Rub 12"]
  14. Boogie [the Andrew Love Levy Mix]

Get Used To It feat. N'Dea Davenport (2006)Editar

  1. We've Got
  2. Don't Know Why (I Love You)
  3. Get Used To It
  4. Sex God
  5. Let's Do It Again
  6. We Won't Stop
  7. Right On
  8. Music
  9. I Just Realized
  10. All Fired Up
  11. Love Is
  12. I've Been Touched

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