Helen Shapiro

cantante y actriz británica

Helen Kate Shapiro (Bethnal Green, Londres, 28 de septiembre de 1946) es una cantante y actriz británica,[1]​ reconocida por sus exitosas canciones de 1961 "You Don't Know" y "Walkin' Back to Happiness", ambas grabadas cuando apenas tenía catorce años.[2][3]​ En 2010 grabó su más reciente álbum de estudio, titulado What Wondrous Love Is This.[4][5]

Helen Shapiro
Helen Shapiro (1963).jpg
Helen Shapiro en 1963
Información personal
Nacimiento 28 de septiembre de 1946 Ver y modificar los datos en Wikidata (74 años)
Bethnal Green (Reino Unido) Ver y modificar los datos en Wikidata
Nacionalidad Británica
Información profesional
Ocupación Cantante y actriz de cine Ver y modificar los datos en Wikidata
Años activa desde 1961
Género Pop y jazz Ver y modificar los datos en Wikidata
Instrumento Voz Ver y modificar los datos en Wikidata
Tipo de voz Contralto Ver y modificar los datos en Wikidata



Año Título Discográfica Posición en las listas Álbum
1961 "Don't Treat Me Like a Child"
b/w "When I'm with You"
Columbia DB 4589 3 90 4 12 Hits and a Miss
"You Don't Know"
b/w "Marvellous Lie"
Columbia DB 4670 1 50 1
"Walkin' Back to Happiness"
b/w "Kiss 'N' Run"
Columbia DB 4715 1 100 6 1
1962 "Tell Me What He Said"
b/w "I Apologise"
Columbia DB 4782 2 46 4
"Let's Talk About Love"
b/w "Sometime Yesterday"
Columbia DB 4824 23 31
"Little Miss Lonely"
b/w "I Don't Care"
Columbia DB 4869 8 28 9
"Keep Away from Other Girls"
b/w "Cry My Heart Out"
Columbia DB 4908 40 42
1963 "Queen for Tonight"
b/w "Daddy Couldn't Get Me One of Those"
Columbia DB 4966 33 97 25th Anniversary Album
"Woe Is Me"
b/w "I Walked Right In"
Columbia DB 7026 35 91 Helen In Nashville
"Look Who It Is"
b/w "Walking in My Dreams"
Columbia DB 7130 47 33 25th Anniversary Album
"No Trespassing"
b/w "Not Responsible"
Columbia DB 7072 1 Helen In Nashville
1964 "Fever"
b/w "Ole Father Time"
Columbia DB 7190 38 25th Anniversary Album
"Look Over Your Shoulder"
b/w "You Won't Come Home"
Columbia DB 7266 Sin álbum
"Shop Around"
b/w "He Knows How to Love Me"
Columbia DB 7340 Helen Hits Out!
"I Wish I'd Never Loved You"
b/w "I Was Only Kidding"
Columbia DB 7395 Sin álbum
1965 "Tomorrow Is Another Day"
b/w "It's So Funny I Could Cry"
Columbia DB 7517
"Here in Your Arms"
b/w "Only Once"
Columbia DB 7587 25th Anniversary Album
"Something Wonderful"
b/w "Just a Line"
Columbia DB 7690
1966 "Forget About the Bad Things"
b/w "Wait a Little Longer"
Columbia DB 7810 Sin álbum
"In My Calendar"
b/w "Empty House"
Columbia DB 8073 25th Anniversary Album
1967 "Make Me Belong to You"
b/w "The Way of the World"
Columbia DB 8148 Sin álbum
"She Needs Company"
b/w "Stop and You Will Become Aware"
Columbia DB 8256 25th Anniversary Album
1968 "You'll Get Me Loving You"
b/w "Silly Boy (I Love You)"
Pye 7N 17600 Sin álbum
1969 "Today Has Been Cancelled"
b/w "Face The Music"
Pye 7N 17714 49
"You've Guessed"
b/w "Take Me for a While"
Pye 7N 17785 98
1970 "Take Down a Note, Miss Smith"
b/w "Couldn't You See"
Pye 7N 17893
"Waiting on the Shores of Nowhere"
b/w "A Glass of Wine"
Pye 17975
1972 "The Prophet"
b/w "Now or Never"
Ella Stone (Helen Shapiro) y Moss (Al Saxon)
Phoenix 128
1975 "You're a Love Child"
b/w "That's the Reason I Love You"
DJM 363
1976 "If You Feel He Cares"
b/w "It Only Hurts When I Love"
Grabada con el alias de "Swing Thing"
Magnet 65
1977 "Can't Break the Habit"
b/w "For All the Wrong Reasons"
Arista 131
1978 "Every Little Bit Hurts"
b/w "Touchin' Wood"
Arista 178
1983 "Let Yourself Go"
b/w "Funny"
Oval 25 Straighten Up and Fly Right
1984 "Brickyard Blues"
b/w "Just Another Weekend"
Oval 26 Sin álbum
1989 "Walking Back to Happiness"
b/w "Let's Talk About Love"
Nuevo material
Calligraph CLGS 702

Extended PlaysEditar

  • Helen (Columbia) 1961
  • Helen's Hit Parade (Columbia) 1962
  • More Hits from Helen (Columbia) 1962
  • A Teenager Sings the Blues (Columbia) 1962
  • Even More Hits from Helen (Columbia) 1962
  • 'Tops' with Me No.1 (Columbia) 1963
  • 'Tops' with Me No.2 (Columbia) 1963

Álbumes de estudioEditar

  • All for the Love of Music (Decca Teldec) 1978 6. 23 465
  • Straighten Up and Fly Right (Oval) 1983 (OVLP 507)
  • Echoes of the Duke (Calligraph) 1985 (CLGLP 002/CLGCD 002)
  • The Quality of Mercer (Calligraph) 1987 (CLGLP 014)
  • I Can't Get Started (Calligraph) 1990 (CLGCD 025)
  • The Pearl (Manna Music) 1990 (CD 040)
  • Kadosh (Manna Music) 1992 (CD 041)
  • Nothing but the Best (ICC Records) 1995 (ICCD 13530)
  • Enter into His Gates (ICC Records) 1997 (ICCD 21830)
  • Sing Swing Together (Calligraph) 1998 (CLGCD 034)
  • By Request (Katalyst Records) 1998 (KAT 0002)
  • Simply Shapiro (Katalyst Records) 2000 (KAT0003)
  • The Gospel Collection (ICC Records) 2002 (ICCD 65430)
  • What Wondrous Love Is This (Manna Music) 2010 (CD 043)

Álbumes recopilatoriosEditar

  • The Very Best of Helen Shapiro (EMI) 1974 (SCX 6565)
  • The Very Best of Helen Shapiro (EMI) 2007



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