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Wraps a short span of text in <syntaxhighlight> tags (see mw:Extension:SyntaxHighlight). This template should be used for short samples; longer content should use <pre></pre> or <syntaxhighlight></syntaxhighlight>. See Help:Wiki markup for an explanation of what the various tags do.

If the content includes an equals sign (=), you must specify the parameter explicitly: {{code|1=date=30 Feb 2010}}.

The template uses the <syntaxhighlight> tag with the attribute inline=1. This works like the combination of the <code> and <nowiki> tags, applied to the expanded wikitext. For example, {{code|some '''wiki''' text}} will not render the word "wiki" in bold, and will render the tripled-single-quotes:

some '''wiki''' text

However, {{code|a {{template}} call}} will still invoke the template:

a [[:Plantilla:Template]] call

Use <nowiki></nowiki> around the template name to avoid this problem:

a {{template}} call

When used inline with regular text, Plantilla:Tnull generally looks best and is easiest to read when it is explicitly spaced apart from the regular text:

foo &nbsp;{{code|bar baz}}&nbsp; quux.

is well spaced:

foo  bar baz  quux.


foo {{code|bar baz}} quux.

which is going to be visually confusing for many:

foo bar baz quux.

because "foo" and "bar" will seem more closely associated than "bar" and "baz"; the width of the space character in a monospaced font is almost always larger than in a proportional font.

Use parameter {{{2}}} (unnamed, as , or more explicitly as ) to specify a language for mw:Extension:SyntaxHighlight GeSHi. This option defaults to plain-text, i.e. no highlighting. There is no highlighting option for wikitext as a markup language, though html4strict and html5 are valid values, as are php, perl, css, javascript, mysql and many others. Attempting to use an invalid one causes a list of valid ones to be displayed in place of the template output, when the page is previewed or saved.

This template does not need to be substituted.


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Included templates

Embedded templates do not function as expected inside {{code}}; for longer, free-form blocks of code, which can contain templates such as {{var}} and {{samp}}, use <code></code> as a wrapper instead of this template.

Templates used inside {{code}} expose the rendered HTML— this can be useful. For example:

The above example shows the HTML rendered by the citation template, including the hidden metadata.

See also

Plantilla:Semantic markup templates


Esta es la documentación de la plantilla, generada mediante TemplateData, que es utilizada también para su inserción y modificación en el editor visual.

TemplateData para Código

Una plantilla para vincular una categoría de Commons sobre un artículo

Parámetros de la plantilla

Código1 code

El código a usar.

Lenguaje2 lang texto

El lenguaje de programación.


Clase CSS


Clase CSS


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