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Russell Edwin Spangler

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Russell Edwin Spangler ( * 1971 - ) es un botánico estadounidense.

Es investigador en el "Harvard University Herbaria".


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  • Spangler, RE. 1997. Distribution, abundance, and microhabitat use of juvenile bull trout and cutthroat trout in two. Ed. University of Idaho
  • Spangler, RE; BF Zaitchik; ET Russo; EA Kellogg. 1999. Andropogoneae evolution and generic limits in Sorghum (Poaceae) using ndhF sequences. Systematic Botany 24: 267-281
  • Tomlinson, PB; RE Spangler; G Lemon. Development of the shoot vascular system in the rattan palm Calamus. Harvard Forest, Harvard University
  • Clark, LG; M Kobayashi; S Mathews; RE Spangler; EA Kellogg. 2000. The Puelioideae, A New Subfamily of Poaceae. Systematic Botany 25:2 : 181–187
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  • Tomlinson, PB; JB Fisher; RE Spangler; RA Richer. Stem vascular architecture in the rattan palm Calamus (Arecaceae–Calamoideae–Calaminae). Am. J. Bot. 2001 88: 797-809
  • Mathews, S; RE Spangler; RJ Mason-Gamer; EA Kellogg. 2002. Phylogeny of Andropogoneae inferred from phytochrome B, GBSSI, & NDHF. Int.J.Pl.Sci. 163(3): 441-450

Abreviatura (botánica)


  • Brummitt, RK; CE Powell. 1992. Authors of Plant Names. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. ISBN 1-84246-085-4

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