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Wikistream (ediciones a tiempo real)

Wikipedia es una síntesis de conocimiento publicado, hecha por personas voluntarias. Es una enciclopedia que quiere recoger TODO el conocimiento humano, a la que TODO EL MUNDO puede contribuir: How Wikipedia contributes to free knowledge?


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Wikimedia es un movimiento global cuya misión es llevar contenido educativo gratuito al mundo a través de varios proyectos.

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Let's include references to Wikipedia in your own language. Here some biographies suggested:

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2. Parte teórica: Gender Gap and Systemic Bias in WikipediaEditar

How to edit Wikipedia

Gender GapEditar


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  • The annual report of the WMF 2016 reports that only 13% of the total number of people who edit Wikipedia are women, a gender gap that leaves an inevitable footprint in Wikipedia's content. When biographies and concepts are edited and published by people who has little aware of the importance of the gender perspective to address the well reported gap in content and participation, those biographies and concepts keep reproducing biases that are not helping build the sum of all knowledge. In addition only 10% of wikipedia users identify as women
  • The Wikimedia Foundation executive director Sue Gardner cited nine reasons why women don't edit Wikipedia, culled from comments by female Wikipedia editors:
    1. A lack of user-friendliness in the editing interface
    2. Not having enough free time
    3. A lack of self-confidence
    4. Aversion to conflict and an unwillingness to participate in lengthy edit wars
    5. Belief that their contributions are too likely to be reverted or deleted
    6. Some find its overall atmosphere 
    7. Wikipedia culture is sexual in ways they find off-putting
    8. Being addressed as male is off-putting to women whose primary language has grammatical gender
    9. Fewer opportunities than other sites for social relationships and a welcoming tone

Systemic BiasEditar

  • The Wikipedia project strives for a neutral point of view in its coverage of subjects, both in terms of the articles that are created and the content, perspective and sources within these articles. However, this goal is inhibited by systemic bias created by the shared social and cultural characteristics of most editors, and it results in an imbalanced coverage of subjects and perspectives on the encyclopedia (read more about Systemic Bias in Wikipedia).
Gender linguistic biais 

What are we doing to address the gender gap in participation and content?Editar

  1. Exemple The Art & Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
  2. Kit Art+Feminism: Quick guides, short instructional videos and slide decks to get you started contributing to Wikipedia. Learn about the gender gap, best practices for editing, and more.
  3. Why I write about women on Wikipedia

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  1. Wikiproject: Women in Red
  2. ǃ00 BBC
  3. List_of_women_writers
  4. Biographies of Exemplary Women
  5. Dinner Party (place setting)
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  7. Women Hall of Fame
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  9. #1Lib1Ref

Women scientists anniversariesEditar

If you want to know which woman scientist was born today, in this link click on the RUN button to generate an updated list (wait a few seconds


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User name mother tongue No, articles Visit last month Main counrties Stats User page Wikipedia edit Remarks
Beatriceep Italiano 1738803 733881704 Italia it x __ not found editions
Ailocan Català 694353 42640158 Catalunya ca x x (es)   Hecho
Mamooz74 Française 2396490 912028409 France fr x x (es)   Hecho
BennyBlanco11 German 2617000 1249910935 Germany de x x (es)   Hecho
Calin112 German 2617000 1249910935 Germany de x x   Hecho
Esupf English 6447267 9676744713 USA en x x   Hecho
Velaso Slovenian 175000 19732981 Slovenia sl __ __ not found user page
Isalou German 2617000 1249910936 Germany de x x   Hecho
Jago Zwierz Polish 365118095 1313943 Poland pl x x   Hecho
Елизавета Трегубова Russian 1790610 34177100 Russian ru x x   Hecho
LemoyneF Française 2396490 912028409 France fr x __ not found editions
Tom Kobayashi 999 Japonés 1312399 1340277921 Japan ja __ __ not found user page
Manememe English 6447267 9676744713 USA en x x (es)   Hecho
Georgina Boix Català 693844 42640158 Catalunya ca x x (es)   Hecho
Cathy.Elliott292 English 6447267 9676744713 USA en x x   Hecho
mmsande Portuguese 1033735 323828199 Brasil pt x __ not found editions
Sinceliac Chinese 1253941 800420301 China zh x __ not found editions
JuleUPF Française 2396490 912028409 France fr x x   Hecho
Beidou03 Español 1752103 97764589 Latinoamérica es x __ not found editions
Nuvail Française 2396490 912028409 France fr __ __ not found user page
Delabays8 Française 2396490 912028409 France fr x x   Hecho
Amanaria Slovenian 175026 19732981 Slovenia sl __ __ not found user page
Snomu Polish 365118095 1313943 Poland pl x x   Hecho
Cameronnye English 6447267 9676744713 USA en x x   Hecho
Simmytomo Italiano 1738803 733881704 Italia it x x   Hecho
Ton Linus Español 1752103 973764589 Latinoamérica es x x (ca)   Hecho

Wikipedia y brecha de género: investigación doctoralEditar

En el marco de la tesis doctoral sobre Wikipedia y género se está realizando una investigación sobre la generación y el borrado de artículos de científicas en Wikipedia en inglés titulada Wikipedia y brecha de género: análisis de las negociaciones de borrado para biografías de hombres y mujeres basadas en el criterio de inclusión por relevancia (notability). Para esta sesión revisaremos los siguientes temas:


Investigación doctoralEditar

  • Problema
    • Personas
    • Contenidos: ¿Cómo se genera la brecha de género en los procesos de negociación de borrado de artículos entre los editores de Wikipedia en Inglés y cómo se hace explícita en el proceso de negociación?
    • Usos
  • Plan de investigación y resultados preliminares


Fuente: me baso en esta presentación.


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