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En el [[AFI]], las consonantes implosivas se indican modificando la correspondiente oclusiva sonra mediante un gancho a la derecha en la parte superior: {{IPA|[ɓ ɗ ʄ ɠ ʛ]}}.
The rare imploded affricates occur in [[Kung-ekoka language|Kung-Ekoka]] and [[Hendo]] (a Bantu language).{{Citation needed|date=September 2009}} Several [[Central Sudanic languages]], such as [[Mangbetu language|Mangbetu]], have implosive labiodental fricatives {{IPA|[vʼ↓]}}, which are "strongly imploded, the lower lip briefly pulled back into the mouth."{{Citation needed|date=April 2008}} -->
== Referencia ==
=== Bibliografía ===
* Demolin, Didier; Ngonga-Ke-Mbembe, Hubert; & Soquet, Alain. (2002). Phonetic characteristics of an unexploded palatal implosive in Hendo. ''Journal of the International Phonetic Association'', ''32'', 1-15.
* Maddieson, Ian. (1984). ''Patterns of sounds''. Cambridge studies in speech science and communication. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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[[he:עיצורים עצורים]]
[[ms:Konsonan implosif]]
[[pl:Spółgłoska iniektywna]]
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