Patric Ullaeus

director de cine sueco

Patric Ullaeus (nacido el 30 de marzo de 1968) es un es un director de vídeos musicales de origen sueco. Además, es fotógrafo y fundador de la empresa de audiovisuales Revolver Film Company, con sede en Gotemburgo.

Con su empresa realiza principalmente (aunque no exclusivamente), videos musicales para bandas de heavy metal. Su video para Dimmu Borgir "The Serpentine Offering" ganó un premio en los galardones noruegos Spellemannprisen en la categoría de Mejor Director de vídeo musical en 2007.



"The World Is Yours" for Arch Enemy


"Take This Life" live for In Flames
"The Paradox of the Flame" for Evergrey
"Everything’s Gone" live for In Flames
"The Faint Pulse of Light" for Solution .45
"Distance" for Evergrey
"Winternight" for Visions Of Atlantis
"Forever" for Nemesea
"Dying Young" for Tikahiri
"Holy Ground To Me" for Jamie Meyer
"Suckerpunch" for Delain
"Enraged" for The Unguided


"Alter (The Unbearable Weight Of Nothing)" for Solution .45
"Put You Underground" for Tikahiri
"What Lies Below" for Gus G feat. Elize Ryd
"V8 Car" for Tikahiri
"True" for Amaranthe
"Krossat Glas" for Lillasyster
"Nothin' To Ya" live for Europe
"Braveheart" for Civil War
"My Own City" for Oslo Soul Teens
"Yara's Song" for Mustasch
"Morrigan" for Children of Bodom
"Brand New Revolution" for Gus G
"Black Undertow" for Evergrey
"Digital World" for Amaranthe
"Days Of Rock'n'Roll" for Europe
"Close Your Eyes" for Jack Action
"Be Like A Man" for Mustasch
"Paralyzed" for In Flames
"War Of Kings" for Europe


"The Grand Collapse" for Evergrey
"Long Way Down" for Gus G featuring Alexia Rodriguez
"No Hope Left For Me" for Blues Pills
"Death And The Labyrinth" for At The Gates
"Drop Dead Cynical" for Amaranthe
"Through Oblivion" for In Flames
"King of Errors" for Evergrey
"Rusted Nail" for In Flames
"This Could Be Something" for Anton Ewald feat. Medina
"Before You Finally Break (feat. Björn 'Speed' Strid) for Sonic Syndicate
"You Will Know My Name" for Arch Enemy
"Eyes Wide Open" for Gus G
"You Better Give Up Now" for Amanda Fondell
"No More Regrets" for Arch Enemy
"Love" for Sonata Arctica
"Design The Century" for Timo Tolkki feat Floor Jansen
"War Eternal" for Arch Enemy
"I Am The Fire" for Gus G
"Wolves Die Young" for Sonata Arctica
"Lies" for Anette Olzon
"Whole World is Watching" for Within Temptation feat Piotr Rogucki
"Whole World is Watching" for Within Temptation feat Dave Pirner
"My Will Be Done" for Gus G
"Roar" for Lillasyster


"Dangerous" for Within Temptation feat Howard Jones
"Endless Nights" for Chrome Division
"Invincible" for Amaranthe
"Sound Of A Playground Fading" for In Flames
"Point Zero Solution" for Deals Death
"Money, Blood & Crucifixus" for DeathDestruction
"The Wanderer" for Amorphis
"Burn With Me" for Amaranthe
"Clearing The Slate" for The Resistance
"Uniformity" for Dark Tranquillity
"Hopeless Days" for Amorphis
"Save Me My Love" for Tikahiri
"Enshrined In My Memory" for Timo Tolkki feat Elize Ryd
"Into The Ocean" for Minora
"The Nexus" for Amaranthe
"I'll Fight For You" for Ankor


"My Own Angel" for Ankor
"A Song For The Weak" for ToxicRose
"Borderline" for The 69 Eyes
"Paris Paris" for Liv Kristine
"I've Been You" for Mnemic
"Plenty Of Love" for Mic Donet
"RED" for The 69 Eyes
"Firebox" for Europe
"Get Out Of The Way" for NitroDive
"Ray Of Love - Denzal Park rmx" for Tune In Tokyo
"Under Black Flag We March" for Arch Enemy
"Ray Of Love" for Tune In Tokyo
"Collapse" for Deals Death
"Not Supposed to Sing the Blues" for Europe
"Delenda" for Soen
"Completely Frozen" for Ankor
"The Challenger" for Mustasch
"Savia" for Soen


"Phoenix Down" for The Unguided
"Where the Dead Ships Dwell" for In Flames
"Party in My Head" for September
"Communicate the Storm" for Cipher System
"Amaranthine" for Amaranthe
"Me and My Microphone" for September
"Ghost Riders in the Sky" for Chrome Division
"Hearts in the Air" for Eric Saade
"Deliver Us" for In Flames
"Luxferre" for Samael
"One More Time" for Hammerfall
"Fuck Yeah" for Deathdestruction
"Bulldogs Unleashed" for Chrome Division
"Yesterday Is Dead and Gone" for Arch Enemy
"To France" for Leaves Eyes
"Remaining" for Ankor
"Hunger" for Amaranthe
"Wrong" for Evergrey
"Sex, Bass & Rock'n'Roll 2K11" for Brooklyn Bounce vs. Dj's From Mars


"The End of It All" for Sirenia_(band)
"30 Minutes to Rock" for Lori!Lori!
"Midnight Vice" for Enforcer
"Resuscitate Me" for September
"Club Bizarre" for Brooklyn Bounce
"All for You" for Ace Of Base
"Embrace the Sun" for Firewind
"The Ballad" for Dream Evil
"World on Fire" for Firewind
"Feel You" for Magnus Carlsson
"Skintight" for Liv Kristine
"My Own Life" for Sonic Syndicate
"Bang Your Head" for Dream Evil
"Revolution Baby" for Sonic Syndicate
"At Midnight They Get Wise" for Grand Magus
"Island of Light" for Indica
"Diesel Uterus" for Mnemic
"Hammer of the North" for Grand Magus
"In Passing" for Indica
"Closer" for Misconduct


"Burn This City" for Sonic Syndicate
"New Love in Town" for Europe
"Kolo" for Larry & Mike
"My Destiny" for Leaves Eyes
"Hold Me Back" for Nitro Dive
"Last Look at Eden" for Europe
"Be Free" for Kaatchi
"Delight and Angers" for In Flames
"Kulisser" for Dia Psalma
"Breakout" for Union Square
"The Path to Decay" for Sirenia_(band)


"The Watcher" for Enslaved
"Broken Wings" for Evergrey
"Alias" for In Flames
"My Escape" for Sonic Syndicate
"Jack of Diamonds" for Sonic Syndicate
"Deceit" for Union Square
"Ascendant" for Keep of Kalessin
"I Will Live Again" for Arch Enemy
"Mercenary Man" for Firewind


"Revolution Begins" for Arch Enemy
"Que Si, Que No" for Hot Banditoz
"Enclave" for Sonic Syndicate
"Breaking the Silence" for Firewind feat. Tara Teresa
"Denied" for Sonic Syndicate
"That's Why I Despise You" for Dew-Scented
"The Serpentine Offering" for Dimmu Borgir


"Blind Evil" for Dream Evil
"Living Dead Beat" for Children of Bodom
"Meaningsless" for Mnemic
"Fire! Battle! In Metal!" for Dream Evil
"When the Lights Are Down" for Kamelot
"Abandoned" for Kamelot
"I Was Made for Lovin' You" for Mini Rockerz
"Last Injection" for M.A.N
"Close to You" for Pachanga
"La Cucaracha Dance" for Hot Banditoz
"Serial Killer" for Chrome Division
"21st Century Digital Girl" for Groove Coverage
"Falling to Pieces" for Firewind
"Monday Morning Apocalypse" for Evergrey
"One" for ANJ
"Take This Life" for In Flames
"Sorgens Kammer Del II" for Dimmu Borgir


"Sex, Bass & Rock 'n' Roll" for Brooklyn Bounce
"Schuld" for Heiland
"R U Ready" for Dirrrty Green
"My Sweet Shadow" for In Flames
"F(r)iend" for In Flames
"Dial 595 - Escape" for In Flames
"Episode 666" for In Flames
"Evil In A Closet" for In Flames
"We Got It All" for Kee Marcello feat Alannah Myles
"What About It" for Lutricia McNeal
"More Than Ever" for Evergrey
"March Of Mephisto" for Kamelot feat Shagrath
"The Haunting" for Kamelot
"Borders And Shading" for In Flames


"Runaway" for Groove Covarage
"Vredesbyrd" for Dimmu Borgir
"Deathbox" for Mnemic
"A Touch Of Red" for In Flames
"Munsters!" for Notre Dame
"Crazy" for Brooklyn Bounce
"Trashed, Lost & Strungout" for Children Of Bodom
"These Are The Changes" for Ray Wilson
"A Touch Of Blessing" for Evergrey
"Swamped" for Lacuna Coil
"The Book Of Heavy Metal" for Dream Evil
"The Quiet Place" for In Flames
"Lake Of Sulphur" for The Great Deceiver


"Liquid" for Mnemic
"Heaven's A Lie" for Lacuna Coil
"X2X" for Brooklyn Bounce
"Cain" for Tiamat
"Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse" for Dimmu Borgir
"System" for In Flames
"Ghost" for Mnemic
"In Reverse" for Passenger
"Ice Queen" for Within Temptation
"Rain Down On Me" for Kane


"Natural High" for Marc Sway
"Amigos Forever" for Alex C feat Yasmin K
"Posse" UK version for Scooter
"Cotton Eye Joe '02" for Rednex
"Nobody's Laughing" for Freak Kitchen
"Disconnect Massconnect" for Transport League
"Tell Me" for NG3
"Will It Ever" for Natural
"Didn't I" for Daizz
"She Moves" for Karaja
"Set Me Free" for ATC
"Rhythm Of The Night" for Alex C feat Yasmin K
"Perfect Love" for Lutricia McNeal
"Wherever You Are" for Laava
"Mother Earth" for Within Temptation
"Suddenly" for Tara
"I Feel So Good" for Mr. Freeman
"Geisha Dreams" for Rollergirl
"Saturday Night" for The Underdog Project
"Wondering" for Tara


"I Believe" for Bro'Sis
"The Chase" for Rednex
"Club Bizarre" for Brooklyn Bounce
"Aii Shot The DJ" for Scooter
"Summertime" for Siesto
"I'm In Heaven When You Kiss Me" for ATC
"Close To You" for Rollergirl
"Do You Remember" for Sungirlz
"Posse (I Need You On The Floor" for Scooter
"Fühlst Du Mich" for Zee
"Off" for No Name
"Back To Haunt Me" for Tanya Stephens
"Du Wirst Sehen 2001" for Nana
"If I Used To Love You" for Daniel Lemma
"I Can't Handle It" for The Underdog Project
"Why Haven't I Told You" for Prima Donna
"Why Oh Why" for ATC


"Du Wirst Sehen" for Nana
"Thinking Of You" for ATC
"Hold Me" for Rednex
"Everytime I Hear" for Siesto
"Never Gonna Give You Up" for Spike
"Superstar" for Rollergirl
"Open Sesame" for Daisy Dee feat Leila K
"Chemical Reaction" for Sasha
"The Spirit Of The Hawk" for Rednex
"All I Wanna Know" for The 7 inch Project
"Summer Jam" for The Underdog Project
"Hitgirl" for Selma
"Do U Wanna Die" for AK Swift
"No Regrets" for Pandora


"Love Is The Answer" for Daisy Dee
"C'est la Vie" for Ace Of Base
"I Cry" for Ray Horton
"I Wanna Fly (Like An Eagle)" for Nana
"On and On" for Toni Cottura
"Whatever" for Alex Prince
"365 Days" for Lutricia McNeal
"Sån Är Jag" for Bam B
"I Feel Lonely" for Sasha
"Outside World" for Sunbeam
"Say You Will Be Mine" for Shemsi
"Because I Love You" for Ray Horton
"A Twist Of Fate" for Emilia
"One Love" for January
"Watch Me Now" for David Tainton


"Sheperd In The Storm" for United Booya Family (U.B.F.)
"A Child Is Born" for Lutricia McNeal
"Changing The Moods" for The Tuesdays
"The Greates Love You'll Never Know" for Lutricia McNeal
"Father" for Nana
"Father rmx" for Nana
"Do You Know" for Krazee Alley
"Down On The Street" for D'Sound
"Dreams" for Nana
"Honey Luv" for Pappa Bear
"Remember The Time" for Nana
"Emergency" for Operator
"How We Are Living" for Alex Prince feat Mazaya & Toni Cottura
"My Life" for Toni Cottura
"When The Rain Begins To Fall" for Pappa Bear
"A Better Way" for Will Powa feat Tara
"We Love Money" for Markus Anthony


"Too Much Heaven" for Nana
"Bible In My Hand" for United Booya Family (U.B.F.)
"Sweet Thang" for Jonestown
"We'll Stay" for Dilba
"All The Way" for Homeboyz
"He's Coming" for Nana
"Cherish" for Pappa Bear
"In Da Game" for AK Swift
"Hey You" for Daisy Dee
"Let It Rain rmx" for Nana
"Let It Rain" for Nana
"Light In Me" for AK Swift
"Lonely" for Nana
"What Is Going On" for Beat System
"Stright Out Of Persia" for Ro-Cee
"Love Is A Wonderfull Thing" for Fatima Rainey
"Party Boom" for Toni Cottura feat N'Sync & AK Swift
"The Way We Like It" for Eva Sarojini
"Just For You" for Masterboy


"Instant Repeater '99" for The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
"Ain't That Just The Way" for Lutricia McNeal
"Darkman" for Nana
"I'm Sorry" for Dilba
"Show Respect" for Ro-Cee
"Da Bomb" for Inner Circle
"I Love Girls" for Inner Circle
"Up 'n' Down" for George
"Ride" for Infinite Mass
"Easy Come Easy Go" for Scrappy G
"Individuality" for Stonefunkers
"Getting' All The Babes" for Ro-Cee
"Unreal" for Dream World
"Area Turns Red" for Infinite Mass
"Seeking" for B-Thong
"Vill Du Bli Min Fru" for Drängarna
"Latinos Somos" for Los Reyes Latino
"Neverchange" for Sharp Nine
"Mah Boyz" for Infinite Mass


"Seeking" for B-Thong
"Light Of My Life" for Anbessa
"Wait For A Minute" for Whipped Cream
"Too Many People" for 10th Level
"Insane Alone" for Eleven Pictures
"Itsypooked" for Road Ratt
"Shi-Wo-Wo" for Dr. Alban
"Stubborn Little Fella" for Punk Funk Union
"Shake It Up" for Road Ratt
"We Will Be One" for Elevate
"Delirious" for Tornado Babies
"Rag Man City" for Road Ratt
"Schizophrenic Pavement" for B-Thong
"Like An Egyptian" for Blue For Two
"Time" for Leila K

Producciones en DVDEditar

"Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg" for In Flames
"War Of Kings Special Edition - Live in Wacken" for Europe
"Live At Sweden Rock - 30th Anniversary Show" for Europe
"Gates Of Dalhalla" for Hammerfall
"Used & Abused - In Live We Trust" for In Flames
"One Cold Winter’s Night" for Kamelot
"Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live" for Children Of Bodom
"A Night To Remember" for Evergrey
"Live At Scandinavium" for Tara Teresa
"Gold Medal In Metal" for Dream Evil
"Come Clarity limited edition bonus DVD" for In Flames
"In Sorte Diaboli" limited edition bonus DVD for Dimmu Borgir
"The Making of Slaughter of the Soul" - Documentary for At The Gates

Exhibiciones de arteEditar

RockART @ Tjuvholmen in Oslo, Norway. May 2014
RockART @ Mini BlackBox in Gothenburg, Sweden. May 2012
RockART @ Galleri Nils Åberg in Gothenburg, Sweden. January 2012
RockART @ 7H in Kinna, Sweden. November 2011
RockART @ Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, Sweden. November 2010
RockART @ Ulfsunda Slott in Stockholm, Sweden. October 2010
RockART @ Mornington Hotel, Gothenburg, Sweden. May 2010
RockART @ L2 in Stockholm, Sweden. April 2010
RockART @ Frankfurt Messe, Germany. March 2010
RockART @ LUXE Gallery in New York City, USA. March 2010
RockART @ RAG (rEvolver Art Gallery) in Gothenburg, Sweden. November 2009


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