Sould Food
Álbum de Goodie MOb
Grabado: 1995
Género Southern rap
Sello LaFace
Productor musical Organized Noize, Horrible Productions
Cronología de Goodie MOb
Sould Food
Still Standing

Sould Food es el primer álbum del grupo de southern rap Goodie MOb, de 1995.

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  1. Free por Cee-Lo
  2. Thought Process featuring André 3000
  3. Red Dog featuring Cool Breeze
  4. Dirty South por Big Gipp featuring Cool Breeze y Big Boi
  5. Cell Therapy
  6. Sesame Street
  7. Guess Who
  8. Serenity Prayer
  9. Fighting featuring Joi
  10. Blood
  11. Live at the O.M.N.I.
  12. Goodie Bag
  13. Soul Food featuring Sleepy Brown y 4.0
  14. Funeral
  15. I Didn't Ask to Come
  16. Rico por Rico Wade
  17. The Coming featuring Witchdoctor
  18. Cee-Lo por Cee-Lo
  19. Day After featuring Roni