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English: Please, if you need my awser quickly, talk whit me in my talk page on portuguese wikipedia.

Ái lóvi iú. =* Bisbis (discusión) 04:30 19 oct 2008 (UTC)

(L) Bisbis (discusión) 06:17 19 oct 2008 (UTC)


Please refrain from edit warring on Wilfredor's user talk page, as it in no way contributes to the issue. As per es.wiki policies, talk pages are always archived and never fully blanked, so please accept this. Unless it contains private information, the m:Right_to_vanish does not exist. I have not looked into the original case, and trust other admins who have, but I will block you if you continue this edit war. As a good friend of Wilfredor, I'd like him not to leave, and I think it's in his best interest to leave this separate issue at what it is. Thank you, Savh dímelo 16:49 17 dic 2014 (UTC)

I'm sorry, but first there is private info there, the supposed e-mail sended by him is still there and violates 5 policies (2 global ones who leads to global block and lock - which I WILL request if is not removed, blanked and hide asap), so there is more than reason to keep the page live. And Savh, you might be a steward, but you know for a very long time that you should not treat to block a stablished user over so stupid a thing. You should really look into the case - or at least admit you dont have the courage to go against the other admin because I saw your mail and know you did know the case - or just leave it alone.
PS.: You can keep your xmas greeting in what reffer to me, if you treat to block me in public and come say merry xmas in private I could not care less for that kind of greeting. Béria Lima msg 19:21 17 dic 2014 (UTC)
Have fun. Savh dímelo 19:32 17 dic 2014 (UTC)
Thanks very much for removing the e-mail. Béria Lima msg 19:48 17 dic 2014 (UTC)
I honestly wonder why you didn't do it yourself when removing his e-mail adress. As I explained to Wilfredor by mail, I did not look into the original issue causing the block (and trusted the other admins with that), but merely in your full blanking of Wilfredor's talk page, which goes against our policy. I gave Wilfredor (and you) my sincere best wishes for these festive days, together with the wish to not take this too heavily, a pity they are not appreciated. Local blocks here are not done as a steward (you should know this) but as a local admin, and I am fully aware of when to use the block button, thank you. Should you in the future encounter a private mail, simply remove the mail, and not only the e-mail adress. Savh dímelo 20:02 17 dic 2014 (UTC)

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